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Spring is here! As the days get longer and we awaken from our winter hibernation, we begin to see the possibilities of the season ahead. Spring is a time of new beginnings when we clean out the old and prepare for what lies ahead. At this time, many of us turn our attention to our health- often to lose the few extra kilos we’ve acquired … Continue reading Eat4wellness – Move4wellness – Think4wellness

advantages of jogging

6 Physical Advantages Of Jogging

Jogging might bring forth flashbacks from childhood gym classes. While not all of those memories are pleasant, it’s time to overcome them and make some new ones – by starting up a new jogging regimen. If you want to lose weight, get in better shape, and improve your health, then it’s time to begin jogging several times a week, if not daily. Here’s more information … Continue reading 6 Physical Advantages Of Jogging


Four Simple Changes to Overhaul Your Workouts

Have you been hitting the gym diligently but seeing limited progress? It may be time to switch up the way you train and start working smarter, rather than harder. These four simple swaps can help you overhaul your workouts and see better results from your gym sessions. 1. Stop Relying on Machines How often do you sit on a chair and push a ton of … Continue reading Four Simple Changes to Overhaul Your Workouts

rock running playlist

Big Tunes: The Rock & Alternative Running Playlist

As any runner will tell you, sometimes you just need that extra little bit of motivation to get you through to the end of your run. We’ve put together some of the best rock & alternative tunes that will get you pumped, get you angry, and get you looking forward to your next run! Muse – Survival The song made famous by the 2012 London … Continue reading Big Tunes: The Rock & Alternative Running Playlist