Top spots for dreamy suburbia

Suburban lifestyle is idyllic for anyone looking to buy a home and finding the perfect property in the right neighbourhood. So what are the best spots for utopian suburbia and where can you find these idyllic locations? While there are lots of things to consider, a home with plenty of green space around, with great schools and a close community, finding the perfect one doesn’t have to mean scouring through every town in England. Here are a few that may just tick the boxes for you.


If the Kent countryside is something that sounds appealing to you then look no further than Maidstone. With quiet, quaint villages, local farm shops and plenty of open space for walks and hikes, Maidstone is the perfect rural town that offers the very best of Kent. With some great schools, close, friendly communities and seamless connections including a train to London in just over an hour, there’s something to suit everyone’s lifestyle. The historical town is nothing short of charming and with plenty of museums, galleries and theatres to visit, living in Maidstone is a treat for those looking for serenity, culture and connection all in one place. And with 3 bedroom family homes in Russet Grove as well as 4 bedroom semi-detached houses with shared ownership in Maidstone, suburban life is easily obtainable here in Kent.


If you want a suburbia with a bit more character then beach Brighton is idyllic. Home to the iconic pier, the UK’s best fish and chips, stunning beaches and plenty of countryside, Brighton ticks all the boxes. A home in Brighton is welcomed not only by sea views but also a creative and friendly community that brings a whole lot of fun and colour to this area. With vegan cafes, quirky coffee shops and beach yoga clubs, living in Brighton can be life changing and encourages a whole new positive outlook that’s unique to this coastal town. Brighton is also well connected and with plenty of work-from-homers, weekly-trips-to-Londoners and entrepreneurial business owners, this area is fizzing with opportunities and convenience for the ambitious and hard working.


Located in the South West of London and often named “suburb-iton”, Surbiton is known for its beautiful surroundings, affluence and quick links to the city. With Kingston well within reach, central London just 30 minutes away and the River Thames on your doorstep, Surbiton is Suburbia in all its glory. Home to two closeby high ranking schools and plenty of community and sports centres, Surbiton is a family area with plenty to offer its young people. And with some charming independent restaurants, cafes and boutiques, there is a real homely feel in this area. And with shared ownership homes in Surbiton offering idyllic suburban living at a comfortable price, living in a leafy suburb in London couldn’t be easier.

With plenty of rural homes under shared ownership with you can find something perfect for you at a price that suits your plans.