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4 Reasons Why an Escape Room is The Perfect Activity For Your Next Family Outing

It isn’t easy to find a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy. After all, everyone has their own distinct interests and tastes which very rarely intertwine.

Going to the movies? Mum and dad probably don’t want to watch another Pixar film, and the kids won’t be interested in a historical biopic. Going out for dinner? How do you find a compromise between McDonald’s and Italian fusion?

Thankfully, a new form of entertainment has proven increasingly popular with both adults and children alike: the escape room.

In case you have no idea what I’m on about, allow me to give you a quick rundown.

The relatively new concept is essentially a puzzle where a team must solve a series of clues, in order to escape a room. There are a variety of themed escape rooms available. In most cases, the team must make it out within the given time to win.

Here are 4 reasons why an escape room is the ideal activity for your next family day out.

It’s Quality Family Time

Remember the last time you all played Monopoly together? This is a competitive game, which tends to bring out the competitiveness of both the parents and the kids. Do broken alliances, temper tantrums, and upturned tables sound familiar?

Graciously, escape rooms are a cooperative game, which means you work together instead of trying to ruin each other.

The obvious upside is that you’ll have a much better time as a group, and an even higher satisfaction when your puzzle-solving skills pay off!

Everyone Will Feel Like an Action Hero

A good action movie is an adrenaline pumping and fun-filled adventure. Now, imagine acting out those emotions for real.

In most Hollywood films, there’s at least one scene where the heroes must race against the clock to escape from danger. The escape room mimics this excitement in real life. Rather than watching the action unfold on the big screen, you’ll rush around together to frantically solve the next set of clues. The whole family will feel like the real stars of the show!

There are Stacks of Teamwork Involved

Escape rooms are specifically designed to encourage the whole team to get involved. In fact, you’ll rarely encounter a puzzle which will be solved by just one person alone.

Working together as a team, particularly under pressure as the clock counts down, will teach the kids essential teamwork skills. Here, equality reigns supreme, thus mum and dad are no longer the boss, which makes for a fulfilling bonding experience.

Fun for The Whole Family

Perhaps the most significant advantage of taking the kids to an escape room is that this is an activity the whole family unit will enjoy. Regardless of your kid’s ages and individual interests, escape rooms offer a unique suspension of disbelief that other games cannot afford.

Give the movies or the arcade a miss, and take your kids along to your nearest escape room. Who knows, it might just be the best time spent together as a family!