james bond

Who’s the best James Bond?

Six actors have portrayed 007 since his film debut back in 1962, but which one did it best? With Daniel Craig recently confirming that he will be playing the secret agent once again, we think now is a great time to share this infographic that attempts to answer the question once and for all – using statistics & data!

We can’t give you a definitive answer, but we can tell you that Pierce Brosnan is the most violent Bond with an average of 33.75 kills per movie, and that Daniel Craig is the biggest drinker.

The chart below goes into a ridiculous level of detail, telling us which Bond drives the fastest, who’s made the most money, which one has kissed the most women – along with much, much more.

So which is the greatest James Bond? Check out the the infographic below and decide for yourself!

james bond infographic

Infographic by GB Show Plates.

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