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Online Sports Betting 101

Sport betting is one of the most popular hobbies in not just Australia, but around the world.  Every year, so many people, put in so much money into online sports betting, and derive profit out of it. But to really enjoy this pastime to the fullest, you should have some knowledge, as amateurs are less likely to succeed than pros.  Here is a really short guide if you are new to the world of sports betting.

Choosing an online sports betting website

Ensure that the website you are choosing is highly reputed. Check out the reviews and go through the terms and conditions. reviews and other similar websites are of significant help in this regard. Other online gamblers share their experiences on various online betting platforms, giving you a fairly good idea of the best ones in the Australian sports betting industry.  Try to find a website that is verified by third parties so as to ensure that all transactions would be conducted in a secure environment.

Indeed, this process can be time consuming but consider all important factors and compare each of your options, before you finalise any one of them.

Understanding the bets which you can make

Single bet

This is a single bet on any particular event that is likely to happen, such as on the team who will bag the trophy or the player who’d score the first goal of the game. Head to head wagers for an AFL match are a popular single bet.

Money line bet

A money line bet is a kind of wager on which the favourite team wins the match. Generally, this type of bet is used in hockey, football and basketball. The payout doesn’t depend on the points or runs, and remains the same, even if the team wins by a huge margin.

In play betting

In play betting, also referred to as betting in the run, allows you to place a bet even after the game has started. If odds improve after the match has commenced, you can place bets in an attempt to increase your profits.

Exotic bets

An exotic bet is related to an event which may take place or may not. So for instance, a bet on the next player to score a goal in football can be an exotic bet. This can be placed before the match or even during play.

Mirco Bets

As the name implies, this kind of bet allows you to place stakes on a micro outcome such as a four or six being hit on the next ball in cricket.


This bet is only applicable to the result of the game. The team who performs better after the bet has been placed, is said to be the winner.

Start small

If you are new to sports betting, you should start on a small scale and limit you budget. Learn the tricks of the trade, and then gradually start increasing the stakes. Bet only amounts that you can lose comfortably without any impact on your regular expenses.


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