existential crisis

How to combat an existential crisis

So you’ve hit a wall, premature mid-life crisis or you just have the fear, either way we all get to a point in life where we think, you know what I’m not actually sure where I’m going. There’s no shame in admitting the road ahead isn’t entirely clear. In fact self reflection is something we should all practise to ground us now and again, when our lives can sometimes get a little hectic. So don’t panic, you’re in control but here’s a smidge of advice to help you ride the wave of “I’ve no idea what the heck I’m doing.”

Evaluate your friendships

The people in your life have a huge impact on your life. A wiseman once said happiness is only real when shared and this can be useful if you’re wondering where you’re going. Surround yourself with people who truly care about you, have your best interests in mind and align with your moral values. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve got involved in the wrong crowd leading you to feel isolated and alienated from everyone including yourself. Cut out the people who you feel are taking you on a route that doesn’t add up to where you want to be and give more time to the people who genuinely value your company.

Take a trip

Sometimes going to the same job everyday and doing the same routine at weekend can send you into a rut of “what’s the point?”. Times like these all we need is a touch of perspective to banish the sinking feeling of insignificance. Embracing a new culture, meeting new people and surrounding yourself in a new environment will help you gain a new view on all the things that fulfill people and the joys of variety that comes with life. So surprise yourself and jet off to somewhere you’ve never been. We can all learn from each other and immersing yourself will certainly give you a new perspective.

Make a plan

We’ve all heard of a fitness plan, meal plan and repayment plan, but making one for your life is a little more difficult, especially if you are in the midst of a soul searching conundrum. But by simply making a note of what brings you happiness and what you don’t enjoy can help give you a bit more direction for the future. Work out what you feel is holding you back financially, careerwise or emotionally and identify how to go forward without it. For example if you want to settle down and get on the property in the rural south but don’t have the funds, look into shared ownership in East Hampshire. If you’ve decided you’re calling is in education but don’t know how to make such a drastic career change then look into PGCEs and courses at a local university.

So don’t sweat it! The only person who got anywhere from sinking into a rut of “well what is the point” all the time, is Satre and unless you’re planning on writing some revolutionary metaphysical novel in french, I wouldn’t worry too much. You’ve got this!