8 Keys Benefits of Performing Restorative Yoga

This article focuses on educating its readers about the major benefits of restorative yoga.

So, you had a sultry, sweaty power-packed session of yoga. And, now you are good to go. Well, not just yet. The yoga instructor shall ask you to stay for 10-20 minutes longer post your practice. Before you wonder why yogis would line up their pillows and bolsters to accomplish the final poses of their session. These yoga poses are not just any regular poses, these are restorative yoga postures designed specifically to rejuvenate the vitals of your body and restore it  back to its highest form.

Restorative Yoga is usually practiced at the end of a grueling yoga session in order to restore the lost energy and refurbish its form. It is especially important for those who suffer from muscle soreness, body aches, and tired body.  Dismissing the practice of restorative yoga postures often results in elevated loss of energy, inability to revive itself, and heightened pain and soreness in the body.

Yoga Postures like shavasana (corpse pose), matsyendrasana (fish pose), balasana (child pose), etc. are some of the core yoga poses with highly exceptional restorative benefits.

Here is a list of integrated benefits of performing restorative yoga therapy explaining why it is essential to diligently practice this particular yoga form:

  • Practice of Restorative yoga helps improve memory, focus and concentration. The mind forms a strong connection with rest of the body and the yogi feels more comfortable and secure with themselves.The yogi feels awakened with a stronger and more positive thought process.
  • After a yoga session’s hard work, the body undergoes a lot of effort which leads to tired and sore muscles. Restorative yoga therapy is highly beneficial for healing and restoring the muscles. Without restorative yoga, the yogi would subject himself to wear and tear of vulnerable muscles in their body.
  • It is an ideal way to calm the mind and restore its peace by clearing the head from its thoughts and negative space. It instantly puts you at ease.
  • Restorative Yoga therapy is an ideal technique to reduce stress as it lowers the production of Cortisol (stress hormone). This hormone is an active participant in weight gain. Hence, lowering its production is an effective way to manage weight.
  • Enhanced sleep and prolonged sleep is another wonderful benefit of Restorative Yoga Therapy.
  • Restores mind-body balance.
  • This magnificent yoga therapy also helps stimulate blood circulation in the entire body.

You can reap these all of these restorative yoga benefits in mere 10-20 minutes. So, before you wrap up for the day, keep a few minutes secluded for yourself when you can practice yoga and work your way to efficiently restore your body.