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How to Find the Right Sports Bra & Why Are Sports Bras Important

Choosing the right sports bra is very important for every woman of every size and shape. It is important to make sure you find the right size of the sports bra to have adequate support so you can lead an active life without any discomfort.

For living a comfortable life and with the best performance it is important to match sports bra with the kind of activity you are doing. All the sports bras are designed to provide three levels of support to your breast and those are low, medium and high. Low support or impact sports bras are for yoga, walking and strength training. Medium is for moderate dancing, hiking, skiing and road cycling. High is for mountain biking, aerobics, gym and running.

sports bra

The construction of a sports bra is very important because sports bra minimizes breast movement through several approaches:

ENCAPSULATION SPORTS BRA– These sports bras have individual cups to support each breast individually and these are better for larger breasted women. These are breast for low-impact activities.

COMPRESSION SPORTS BRA– These sports bras are better for women with smaller breast size. These bras compress the breast against the chest wall to restrict movement. These bras are best for low to medium-impact activities.

COMPRESSION & ENCAPSULATION SPORTS BRA– Many bras are the combination of compression and encapsulation sports bra both. These are the very comfortable and supportive style of bras. They are the best for high-impact activities.

These features will let you choose the perfect sports bra:

BAND– The primary and one of the most important things to keep in mind before choosing a sports bra is a band because of this form the basis of a sports bra. The band has to be comfortable around your rib cage, but not too tight. One should be able to fit two fingers between their body and the band that is when you know your sports bra is a good fit. Wider bands are more supportive and better than the narrower bands.

STRAPS– Your shoulder strap should provide minimal stretch so that it should not provide more movement to your breast. As with the band, the same should be with the strap that you should be able to fit two fingers between your shoulders and the strap. Wider straps are more comfortable than narrower straps. Make sure your strap should not be slippery or should not leave an impact on your shoulders during high-impact activities.

CUPS– It is important to test by pulling the top and the bottom of each cup of your sports bra, the less stretch will give more motion control. You should make sure any style of your sports bra cup should give the whole coverage of your breast; your breast should not spill.

Why sports bra is important? A sports bra is very important because physical activities make your breast bouncy and continuous and repetitive movements in your breast can result in pain, soreness and sagging. This is where sports bra will help as they are made to reduce this movement in your breast.

It doesn’t matter the size of the breast you have, anyone to, everyone can experience a bounce in their breast during any physical activity. Therefore, it is very important for a woman of any breast size should wear a sports bra while any physical activity like running, exercising, etc.

Good Luck!