Physically Active? Here’s Why You Need to Use Insoles

Being physically active has a lot of health benefits but it also increases your risks of developing foot injuries. In fact, it has been shown that almost 21 percent of physically active adults suffer from exercise-related injuries.

Foot injuries commonly result from muscle overuse, improper workout techniques, accidents, and wearing the wrong shoes. When working out, it is best to wear the right gear such as insoles to prevent foot injuries. You can also wear insoles to correct ankle and foot problems without resorting to surgery.

The Advantages of Using Insoles

Alleviates foot pain. Sometimes, you need to make some shoe modifications to make them more comfortable. Foot problems can make you suffer from hip, leg, and knee pain. Insoles don’t only alleviate foot pain; they also prevent pain from developing in these body parts. For example, if you have heel eversion, a condition wherein you excessively use the lateral side (outside) of your heel, the overall alignment of your lower extremities is affected, leading to hip pain. Using insoles can help with this problem.

Balanced and stable feet. Different people have different types of arches in their feet. Some have normal arches while some have low or high. People with low or high foot arches usually experience discomfort when they walk or run due to the unequal distribution of weight and stress in their feet. Wearing insoles can help stabilize and balance their feet, thereby preventing foot pain and discomfort.

Additional foot support. Insoles also provide support to people with foot ailments such as heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hammertoes, and claw toes. Through additional cushioning and support, insoles can reduce the pressure and pain in your feet.

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Choosing the Right Insoles

Now that you understand the advantages of using insoles, choosing the right insoles for your feet can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you in choosing insoles:

Wear them before you buy them. Most stores allow you to fit their insoles before you make a purchase. However, if you are buying from an online store, ask the exact dimensions of the insole so that you can compare it with the size of your feet. Nevertheless, in case your purchased insoles are too big, you can trim them to fit your size.

Consider your foot arch type. There are different insoles specifically made for each type of foot arch. If you have a high foot arch, the best insoles for you are those with excessive padding in the middle to fill the hollow gap in the soles of your feet.

As an active person, your feet are among the most overused part of the body so it is only necessary to give them the care they deserve.