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5 Great Styles To Go With Your Poufy Tulle Skirt

A fun skirt is a must for a basic wardrobe. It offers great versatility – but what makes a skirt fun?

It needs to be a little out of the ordinary. It is something most people do not expect – like a poufy tulle skirt.

Most women will not automatically gravitate toward such a skirt because it looks too playful. On top of that, it looks like part of a costume for a ballet recital.

However, if you are not afraid of including bold pieces in your wardrobe, you will find that such a skirt is a dream to have. It is an impressive memorable piece that you can dress up and down quite easily.

Are you ready to invest in a tulle skirt to complete your basic wardrobe? Here are five ways you can achieve stunning looks with it.


For date nights or an important event where you need to dress to impress, pair your tulle skirt with a silk, velvet, or sequined blouse.

A top made of shiny material paired with tulle automatically spells a luxurious ensemble. Complete the glam look with high heels and carefully chosen accessories and you are poised to become the “star of the night.”

Quirky Professional

A tulle skirt may often seem too much for the corporate realm but you can tame it easily by wearing a standard pin-striped top and a structured blazer. A blazer that falls right on the hips is quite flattering on most women — and it’s guaranteed to pair up nicely with your poufy skirt, especially when the blazer is held in place with a leather belt.

Meanwhile, a trench coat is also worth considering for a fun and quirky professional attire. It can deflate the volume of the tulle skirt. But, at the same time, it can highlight the unusual texture of the skirt.

For a corporate look, a crisp,  formal shirt top always does the trick. Pair your getup with heels as they are always a good idea for footwear, be they pumps or stilettos.


Street style is all about standing out while also being comfortable and this is achievable with tulle skirts as well.

Band shirts, an off-shoulder top, an up-cycled button-down shirt, a black bodysuit, or a sporty pullover – all these can be paired with a tulle skirt for a street style. Finish off the look with platform sneakers, traditional Chuck Taylors, and even combat boots.


This style is almost similar to “street” but it has a much tougher appearance because of the darker colour palette that many go for.

To create an edgy look with your tulle skirt, one popular styling trick is by wearing printed tights to contrast with the colour of the skirt. Another is by donning a leather jacket.

In Paris, a lot of women like to wear a pair of tight ripped jeans under a tulle skirt as well. Try wearing a more structured skirt over the tulle skirt, too. The tulle skirt will look like a peeping petticoat; it’s a tad scandalous, but that’s exactly what edgy is.

When it comes to footwear – anything will do. Birkenstocks, Vans, Doc Martens, chunky platforms, croc skin boots, and others can work.

But if you really want to nail the edgy look down for your tulle skirt, make sure you have the right attitude. You cannot be edgy and feel self-conscious about what you are wearing a poufy skirt. Even if some of the pieces that you have integrated into the look physically hurt you, just own your look and rock everything.

DIY Upgrade

This is the most creative because anything goes and basically, you are creating a look that is not based on what other people are wearing but on what you like. You can go down any route and throw in all kinds of pieces to make your tulle skirt work.

Women who are constantly thinking of new ways to wear their wardrobe pieces can pull off this style easily using on-hand accessories such as Velcro appliques, ribbons, pins, and many others. They can also alter the shape of the skirt. One way of doing that is by using small clear elastics for a faux quilt pattern, or a high and low hem.

A poufy tulle skirt is a great piece to have, and the five styles discussed here are not the only ones that you can achieve with the piece.

When it comes to getting mileage out of your wardrobe pieces, the key is to think outside of the box, and execute your ideas to create an outfit you can happily wear.

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