fur restyling

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Restyling Your Fur

When your fur coat gets old, you may start to think about selling it off or giving it to a relative. But these are not the only options you have. You can also decide to restyle the coat so that it turns out to have a new look and a fashionable feel. And below, we look at five tips you must keep in mind when restyling the fur.


The first thing you need to decide is the furrier who will handle the restyling of the coat. Just because someone advertises themselves as a furrier does not mean that they are experts in fur restyling. This is because many of the furriers are not craftsmen, but only sellers of fur. So, it is important to check the furrier’s history and make sure that they have experience restyling the furs, exactly as per the specifications of the client.


Once the restyling is done, there is a good chance of leftovers. The leftover fur can be in a good enough quantity that they can be repurposed as something else. For example, you can transform the leftovers into stuff like handbags, scarves, collars, head wraps, etc. And if the quantity of leftovers is excessive, then it may even be possible to create a teddy bear for your child. Talk with the furrier and see how best to use the leftovers.


When you put in a request for restyling, the furrier will start sketching some designs for you. While you can judge the style of the fur by looking at the designs, you must also make sure that the fur will fit on your body perfectly. In addition, you should also decide what type of fit you like. Do you want a loose fitting fur which will make you look bigger, or would you prefer to use a slim fitting fur coat that will allow you to show the shape of your body in a better, more attractive way? Inspect the designs and ensure that the fur will fit you exactly the way you want.


Now, if you don’t want to transform the leftover furs into accessories like handbags, scarves, and so on, do consider making a blanket out of it.  This will come in very handy while sleeping on cold nights. And if you already have blankets, even then it is a good idea to use the leftovers to create one. In case, you don’t wish to keep it, you can donate it to a homeless person. Why waste the leftover fur when you can use it to help someone in need?

Proper Care

Once you’ve received the new restyled coat, you need to take proper care of it just like you have done previously. Many people tend to think that since it has been restyled, they can go easy on the maintenance of the coat at least for a couple of years. This is a bad idea. The fur needs to be taken care with great care, just as you have been doing till now, restyling the coat does not change this fact.