How to tie a tie

Man Skills – How to tie a tie

Many guys make it all the way to manhood without ever learning how to tie a tie properly. Weather it’s a big job interview, a family wedding, a day at the races or another formal occasion, every man should know the right way to tie a tie.

There are several different tie knots, from the classic Windsor the more advanced Pratt knot. The one you choose will depend on the type of tie, the material and the style of collar on your shirt along with your own personal preference and the look you’re going for.

This illustrated guide from Tie-A-Tie covers four of the most popular tie knots – the “Four-in-hand” (also known as the “Schoolboy”), the “Half Windsor”, the “Windsor” and the “Pratt Knot” – each with detailed instructions. It also contains dos and don’ts for choosing the right material and patterns.

Katie from said “It’s actually surprising how many guys don’t know how to tie a tie properly or know other knot variations! My partner is always watching YouTube videos when the occasion of wearing one comes around, so this infographic is great!”

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How to tie a tie - infographic