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5 Amazing Living Room Décor Trends You Should Follow

The living room is the centre of the house; it is the place that is mostly occupied and the one that gets most of the attention. A living room should be well-maintained, it should look great. It should not be too dull or too bright. Here are the five living room décor trends that you must follow. Take a look:



The lighting of the room matters the most. No matter how expensive or good looking your furniture is, no matter how amazing the curtains are or how big the LCD is, if the lighting is not good, nothing will look good. The right type of lighting can make anything, and everything looks incredible. You can use a nice chandelier or some hanging LED bulbs to brighten up the room. There is a huge variety of lighting available in the markets these days, you just have to look for them, and I am sure you will find the right thing.

Coloured walls

coloured walls

Choose a nice combination of light and dark coloured walls; this will add a very stylish yet quite sophisticated look to your living room. For example, light gray and navy blue is a great combination; it works well for both day and night which makes it a total winner. The ink coloured walls have been trending now for a really long time so don’t miss out this amazing trend.

Comfy seating

comfy seating

The style is important but not more than comfort; your comfort should be your top priority. Choose the furniture that is comfortable so that you can sit there for the whole day or even sleep in your lounge someday. You can get some nice plush sofa or you can go for nursery gliders that would help you to rock your baby to sleep while you enjoy your favourite TV show. Let’s take comfort and elegance together!

Chic storage

chic storage

You can get nice storage shelves for your living room. Go for a wooden bookshelf or some nice floating shelf for this purpose. If you need your living room to look elegant and sophisticated, choose a storage made up of wood or anything with dark chocolate brown or espresso shade. On the other hand, if you want your living room to look bold and stylish, you can use a floating shelf. It is the newest trend in the markets and is currently ruling the area. It will provide your living room with a very chic look and will make it look all stylish, modern and up to the date. Decide what you want and then make a decision.

Statement rugs

statement rugs

Last but not the least, how can I forget about the rugs when we are talking about the décor of the living room. You can choose a good looking colourful rug and make a statement with it. Rugs are always trending, and they are never going out of trend, this is for sure. Choose the pattern of the rug wisely.

All of the above trends mentioned above are super amazing. Follow them and decorate your living room. Have a wonderful day!


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