End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

First thing that you should ask yourself when you decide to move out is whether you want to do the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself or would you rather leave it to the professionals. End of tenancy cleaning is very demanding, it takes a lot of hours to do it, even days if you are doing it alone. To make it easier for you, we are going to give you a few tips to help you prepare and clean your rental as fast and as good as you can.

Step 1 – Start with removing the things out of your shelves, wardrobes, cabinets, garage, pantry. You need to remove all those things and empty everything out so that you can clean the bigger surfaces.

Step 2 – When you empty every room in your house / apartment, focus on one at a time. Our recommendation is to start with your bathroom. Bathroom takes a lot of time and it is not that easy to clean it so make sure that you have already bought and prepared all the materials that you will have to use. Make sure to clean the sink, mirrors, bathtub, toilet, taps, drains, and every little thing that is in it.

Step 3 – After finishing the bathroom move to the kitchen. Kitchen is also very demanding because of the oven, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, fan. They have to be cleaned inside and out, you can not leave any grease, mould, grime and dust. Oven is probably the biggest problem, so if you are not able to clean it and you know that, do not even start, call a professional who will for sure clean it the right way.

Step 4 – Everything gets easier when you are done with bathroom and kitchen. Now you can focus on your bedroom and living room and start vacuuming carpets and furniture. While your curtains are washing, make sure to clean your windows and blinds on both sides, and also wipe the shelves and night tables from dust.

Step 5 – Hallways and staircases can not be forgotten. Whoever comes to your house has to pass through them and that means that a lot of dirt stays there. You must do a thorough cleaning.

Step 6 – If you are living in a house, you probably have a garage and a garden. Those two things are not that hard to clean. When you empty the garage, you only have to wipe the shelves and floor. Garden is also a part of the house and you can lose your deposit if you do not clean it properly. There is not much work to do, you only have to mow the lawn and blow the leaves.

Step 7 – Go through your property one more time to check if you have done your job properly. Do not forget all the tiny things as sockets and switches, landlords notice everything.

Hopefully these steps will be helpful to anyone who chooses to do the end of tenancy cleaning alone. Good luck!