social media and gardening

The Link Between Gardening & Social Media

Due to the emergence of the internet and social media, finding the latest information regarding gardening has become considerably simple. Although many people still prefer being old-school and referring to their traditional collection of gardening books and magazines, it is still often mentioned that the availability of the internet has made life much easier for everyone. Instead of spending hours searching for the answer to a question in a 1000-page book, one can simply spend five minutes to make a google search. Quick online searches and popular social media forums are what this modern world is all about!

Social Media for Gardeners

While social media is being used for a wide range of purposes like keeping up with relatives abroad or connecting with new people, it is also highly beneficial for gardeners. Targeting this specific niche, there are multiple different sites that are made by gardeners for gardeners. On these sites, all information about gardening such as tips and tricks, photographs of different plants and even new ideas is readily available. In simple terms, these new social media platforms are a modern way of peeking over your neighbor’s fence to look at what they’re growing!

Many new gardeners faced a lot of difficulties when starting their new greenhouse. Since they didn’t have any professional gardener in sight, they had to spend multiple hours browsing the internet and reading forums that had similar topics in discussion. However, all these worries came to an end when a wide range of gardening forums emerged where people could connect with fellow gardeners for advice, tips and questions. In many gardening clubs, it is common practice to even share some plants with other members!

What You Can Find Online

On the internet, you can find just about anything that you’re looking for. Specifically for the gardening community, there are many different kinds of forums available that serve different purposes. Here is an outline of the few that we enjoy the most:

  1. Garden Logs: Similar to a directory, this type of online forum has a wide variety of information including complete databases about the types of plants. Alongside of this, there are also many photographs available to aid gardeners throughout their greenhouse-maintaining process. Many of these directories can also guide beginners on how to buy a greenhouse online.
  2. Personal Blogs: While pursuing their hobby of gardening, many gardeners tend to start an online blog about their personal experiences. They would consistently share photos of their plants, the progress they are making and even some useful tips for beginners.
  3. Chatting Forums: Being the most different of all, these kind of sites are targeted towards all kinds of gardeners to come and share their experiences publicly. Gardeners from around the globe tend to join together to talk about their plants and even current events. The only prerequisite of joining such groups is that you must have an increased interest in gardening and consider it as a cherished hobby of yours.