What is so Good About Amtico Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl flooring has been the number one flooring option for the home for the better part of the last two decades and has been a hot substitute for expensive flooring types such as wood or stone.

Being a highly durable and versatile option, vinyl flooring requires some extra considerations for you to enjoy the full benefit of its long lifespan. Before purchasing the lowest price Amtico flooring, understand the pros as well as the cons of the brand to get the best from the product.


Choosing the right vinyl flooring brand comes with a lot of research to ensure satisfaction when entering a room. All rooms require a sense of coming together to fulfil your desired look and for it to last.

When cared for properly, Amtico flooring can remain durable for upwards of 20 years without the need for replacement. However, this will require it to be a high-quality product in vinyl, able to withstand heavy foot traffic in a variety of rooms such as living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Amtico is the leading brand because of years of manufacturing to make it the better choice on the market.


Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is amongst the easiest materials to self install and do correctly. You need to be sure that the material is laid onto a subfloor that is dry and level first.

Many people feel intimidated in trying to lay it themselves and opt for a professional install who undertakes the task of correcting anything that could be missed by an untrained eye. Once installed, vinyl flooring is relatively easy to maintain and, should it not be neglected from a quick vacuum and mop regularly, can retain its original look for many years.

Either way, it is easy to make sure that dirt and grit on your floor are not left and between your boards gather more grime and dirt as this can wear down your surface layer and leave it open to scratches and markings.


As with all products, extra care should be taken to keep vinyl planks and tiles in fine working order. Small considerations with vinyl do help to go a long way.

Deep scratches and damage from sharp objects can occur, so it is best to ensure all furniture footing is padded with felt pads to reduce the scratches from moving furniture. Colours can also fade if left exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, which makes it not ideal for conservatories unless the windows are tinted to protect from ultraviolet rays.

What makes the lowest price Amtico flooring so good is that it is dependable flooring that does not demand too much from you – just general care and consideration. Stick with quick clean and immediate wipe ups and your vinyl floor will remain good for a long, long time.