Wooden Houses – Do They Last?

No doubt wooden homes are aesthetically beautiful and suitable for the environment. But it is a myth that they do not last for a long time. However, wooden houses can serve almost 100 to 150 years with proper care.

Log houses are vulnerable to particular issues that affect the whole building structure. One of the best ways to solve those problems is to address the pertinent troubles on time.

Advanced wood production technologies help you prevent various negative processes like twisting, decay, cracking, and discoloration. For instance, the technical drying of wood makes it a strong building material.

Or, while constructing a house, it is essential to treat with protective compositions to protect the home. Below are some tips to increase the life of wooden houses:

Choose Right Construction Materials

You can protect the life of a wooden home even before building it by selecting perfect construction materials. Ensure that you are purchasing a solid variety of wood. They must be appropriately seasoned and withstand all weather conditions.

You should not exercise cost-cutting even if you are on a short budget. Instead, choose the perfect wood to construct your home. As a result, you will get a reasonable price when you put your wooden cabins for sale in the coming future.

Avoid Planting Trees Close to Your House

The roots of a Banyan tree are highly invasive and penetrate plumbing to the point that it grows into toilets. So it would be best to trim these roots regularly to protect them from damaging the foundation of your log cabin.

Also, trees too close to the home adds the risks of breaking windows or damaging outer walls through their branches. So try to plant the trees smartly to avoid troubles in the long run.

Reduce Exposure to Rain While Building Your Home

Wood is a versatile material.  If timber gets wet, allow it to dry out properly to reuse it. But make sure to take care of it during the construction phase. It will be best if you minimize exposure to water.

It will protect against warping, swelling, or shrinkage that can impact the design of your building. As per a famous saying, “Prevention is always better than a cure.” So try to protect the wood from rain during the construction phase.

Use Suitable Paint or Stain

While building your home, seal the raw materials with stain or paint carefully. To decide the paint or stain, think about the weather conditions your house will face regularly.

For example, an area having heavy rainfall needs waterproof protection. So while painting, do not rush or miss any space. It will cause you problems in the future.

Do Annual Checkup

Every wooden home needs care and attention. So check your home annually for any sign of pest infestation or rot. Try to add fresh paint to seal the cracks and to ensure that water does not enter anywhere.


By following the tips mentioned above, create your house stylish as well as improve its life span. Make strategic decisions, and if you find anything that does not seem to last long, look for more options.