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Platinum vs Titanium: 5 Reasons to Feel Good About Choosing Titanium Wedding Rings

Wedding are generally expensive. Grooms and brides are often forced to go for the more expensive options to live up to societal expectations. One of the most significant wedding expenses is buying the wedding rings. The cost of a wedding ring depends a lot on the type of metal and the gem.

Platinum vs Titanium: What’s the Price Difference?

Buying a platinum wedding ring is fine when you have the budget to splurge. However, it can be a financial disaster if you have a limited budget for the ceremony. For reference, titanium wedding rings typically cost in the neighbourhood of £40 while a similar platinum band can cost you anything from £700 to £1500. The following are 5 things to feel good about if you are choosing titanium over platinum.

Titanium is Hypoallergenic: Often the metal of choice for surgical implants, titanium is extremely hypoallergenic. Platinum is often touted to be ideal for people with metal allergies. However, titanium offers the same benefit at a much cheaper price point.

It’s Stronger than Platinum: Platinum is marketed to be an extremely durable metal option for rings and jewellery. While its durability is significantly higher when compared to silver and gold, it fails to match the tensile strength of titanium. The tensile strength of platinum is somewhere between 18,100 to 23,900 psi, that’s significantly less than the 31,900 psi figure for titanium. What’s the practical use of all that durability? Well, titanium wedding rings are much more resistant to cracks caused by impacts compared its platinum counterpart. Platinum rings also have the tendency loosen and expand over time, something that almost never happens with titanium.

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Much Less Expensive: As mentioned before, weddings can be costly and it doesn’t make sense to spend most of the fund on wedding rings. Titanium offers a great alternative to platinum and it can drastically reduce the total expenditure. In fact, the money you end up saving can actually be significant enough to fund the entire honeymoon.

It’s a Pure Metal: One of the reasons people pick, platinum, gold, and silver is because they are pure metals. Well, you are in luck, because titanium is as pure as it gets. Much like platinum, titanium is a natural metal. The only difference is it’s available abundantly, compared to platinum, which is a lot rarer.

It’s Much Less Hefty: One of the reasons titanium is used to make sports equipment and in automobile manufacturing is because it’s highly lightweight. In fact, you feel a definite weight difference if you have a platinum band in one hand and a titanium wedding band in the other. Considering most couples choose to wear their wedding rings all the time, the lighter weight of titanium is a definite advantage.

It Looks Almost Exactly like Platinum: If you are not a professional, you will face a hard time telling apart a platinum and titanium wedding ring just by looking at it. Titanium rings have the same luxurious sheen and they look almost identical to platinum wedding bands.