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The Ultimate Marquee Wedding Guide

Having a marquee wedding has become more and more popular each year. There are plenty of reasons why hiring a marquee for your big day is a great idea, but unfortunately, legally, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, unlike Scotland, a civil ceremony can only be held at a registry office, a religious premises or a fixed venue approved by the council. There has been talks in recent years about the possibility of England and Wales joining Scotland in the freedom of getting married anywhere, such as in a tent, marquee, garden, beach or even a train or a cruise ship. This could have a massive and positive impact on the wedding industry as couples can get more choice of venues and it will also keep the costs down.

Our team at Crystal Marquee Hire put together a guide on how the recent proposed changes in places you can get married can open up stylish new opportunities for couples.

1. Choosing your Venue

Choosing your venue doesn’t have to be restricted to just a registry office or a church, you can now have your dream wedding on the beach, in a beautiful garden or in a marquee designed exactly how you imagined. If you choose the marquee you can have the ceremony and the after party all in one place. You can decide on where you want it to take place, how it looks like and decide on how many guests you’d like to invite, without being restricted by space.

2. Design

According to Richard from Crystal Marquee Hire “A marquee is ideal for any wedding theme. You can design it to look like you’re on the beach, in a forest or even something out of a fairytale.” There is no limit to the designs you can choose and you can personalize it to fit your dream wedding perfectly. The marquees can be as big or small as you require and they normally come equipped with all the furniture and supplies so you don’t have to worry about the small details.

3. Budget

Having the legal ceremony and the party all in one place is normally more cost efficient. There are less restrictions on what florist, designer and caterer to use, and you can work all this out into your budget, no matter how high or low it might be.

4. Tradition

Choosing to hire a marquee for your wedding breaks the tradition of having it in a church or a registry office. It’ll be catered to you and your needs and it will feel more personal.

5. Music

By choosing a marquee for your big day, you can also choose the end time of your party. Most venues have a finishing time when it comes to late night music because of the noise, neighbours etc, but with a marquee you can keep the party going until the morning, as long as you make sure there are no neighbours in the area or you talk to them in advance to let them know there will be music playing until the early hours.

With all these new opportunities, the wedding planning market would definitely boost, allowing couples to have their dream wedding, wherever that’s in a church, their home or a beautifully decorated marquee.