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How to Find the Right Fitout Company for Your Next Office Renovation

Doing a full office fitout is a long and costly process. Furthermore, if not done correctly, the expense could become substantially greater due to lost productivity and functionality. Therefore, choosing the right fitout company for your upcoming renovation is of utmost importance.

The following handy tips will show you how.

Choose a Reputable and Experienced Operator

Ideally, you should go with a company that has around a decade of experience, give or take a few years. The company needs to be active as well, so opt for one that’s done over a thousand fitouts in their time. To locate a reputable company, it’s prudent to ask around your social network and check out their online reviews. Ask about previous projects and go and visit them yourself, taking the time to quiz the manager about their experience with the company.

Check Their Credentials

Although Australia’s construction industry is well regulated, there are a few fly-by-night operators out there. Ask your preferred fitout company about any relevant licenses, certificates, and accreditations they hold. It’s worthwhile checking out the validity of these online, as well as the company’s ABN.

Even though insurance is mandatory, some unscrupulous companies may take the chance by operating without it. This is an unacceptable risk as you will be liable for any damage to property or injuries that occur during the process. Remember to take down their insurance details and confirm it with the provider.

Safety First

A renovation creates all sorts of workplace hazards, so it’s vital to choose a company that understands and appreciates the risks involved. If builders will be on-site during office hours, ensure they’ve been adequately trained in OH&S best practices. The fitout design itself should also consider OH&S is a core priority.

Ask For an On-Time and On-Budget Guarantee

Shady operators will often quote a low price upfront, only to raise that amount further down the track as “unexpected” expenses arise. Ultimately, this costs the consumer more in the long run and adds additional stress to the process. To avoid this from happening, insist on a fitout company that offers an on-time and on-budget guarantee. Only then can you be rest assured that you’ll get what you’ve paid for.

Insist on an End-To-End Service

An end-to-end service means the company will liaise with you to plan the ideal office layout, acquire all the necessary furniture and materials, and fully complete the renovation including fittings and fixtures. They’ll even install workstations and stock stationary cupboards, meaning the office will be ready for your workers from the get-go.

Opt For a Single Point of Contact

If multiple people are overseeing your renovation, then communication issues are likely to arise. Ask if you can have access to specialists of a highly trained commercial fitout company as a singular point of contact. These project management professionals will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you’re kept up to date on the latest developments and that the fitout is ready on time.

By taking the above information on board, you’ll be well equipped to locate a reputable builder for your office renovation. So check out who’s available in your area and apply the tips in this article to select the ideal company for you.