Sky deals

How to Get The Best Sky TV Deals

Sky remains one of the most popular TV subscription services and has a huge range of channels available.  They also have a range of packages to help you choose what you need and not pay for things you don’t want.  On top of all of that, they often offer special deals such as their recent Sky TV Flash Deal where you can save even more money.  So how and where do you find the best Sky TV deals?

We all love to save money on things we want, and our Sky TV package is no different.  Whether you are an existing customer looking to cut your bill, get rid of channels you don’t use or add some new ones or a new customer entirely, there are lots of deals to look out for.

New customers

If you are a new customer to Sky, then it is simpler than ever to get started.  They now have a default package that is £22 a month then you can select the add-ons you want, each of which has a different cost.

The basic package has a £20 set up fee and is £22 a month.  This is the Sky Entertainment package and includes channels such as Sky One, documentaries and drama channels.  From there, you can start adding extra channels to build up the full package you want. Some examples include:

  • HD channels £5 a month – if you have an HD or 4K TV, you will want the enhanced quality of picture offered by this package
  • Box Sets and Netflix £12 a month – this includes both the box sets feature on Sky and the newly added Netflix subscription so you can access your Netflix content through your Sky box
  • Cinema £11 a month – with over 1000 films, the Cinema pack gives you access to the latest films as well as back catalogue and includes HD channels at no extra cost
  • Kids £5 a month – includes 10 live channels full of kids content and the ability to set up the Sky Kids app to let children watch content on their devices
  • Sports £23 a month – this includes their Premier league football, F1 motor racing, cricket, golf and action channels as well as their sports news channel

You can also add other features to the package.  One example is the Sky Q Multiscreen which is £20 for the first extra Sky mini box and £99 for each one after that.  It also costs £13 a month and means you can watch different channels on different boxes in different rooms of the house.

Sky also offer fibre broadband with a £39.95 set up fee and starting from £27 a month.  This is for an 18-month unlimited contract and tends to offer good download speeds.

Existing customers

Even if you are an existing customer with Sky, there’s no reason why you can’t save some money.  The company are well known for haggling with existing customers to keep them so there’s no reason you can’t approach them to chat about your deal.

It is worth thinking about what you have and what you need before ringing.  For example, if you don’t use some channels, you could see about removing them or if they will give you a deal on replacing them with other channels that you do want.  Sky want to keep loyal customers so they will always see what they can do to work with you.

Also, check out those new customer deals and approach them to see if you can have them.  They might say you need to sign up for a new contract, which is often 18 months long, but if you save money and keep the channels you want, it might be worth doing.