The most effective ‘wrong fuel’ removal techniques

Do you know how to remove the wrong fuel from your car? No? No problem – this article will guide you.

Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle is a growing issue in the UK – faster than the rate of growing population in  many south Asian countries. It has a really bad effect on the vehicle engines and affects thousands of drivers in the UK every year. What you must need to know if you are a victim of putting wrong fuel in your vehicle, how to drain out the wrong fuel. Even it is a motorcycle, a boat, a machinery or a diesel car, the wrong fuel is equally damaging in any case. There are different approaches to drain the fuel out of the vehicle’s fuel tank and drivers are free to opt any option which better suits them. However, it could be an issue if you are going to do it for the first time. There are three major techniques usually mechanics do. There might be any of the following issues, it can lead to the massive problem.

The fuel must be removed that need removal and falls under the wrong fuel category by large. People remove the fuel out of their vehicle when they are ready to sell it.  Thirdly when your cars require a repair and it is ready to be sent to the local garage. The techniques would be different according to the vehicle needs. Let’s see them one by one now.

Usually, automakers design fuel tanks that won’t allow you to remove the fuel once you pour it into the fuel tank and it is one of the most challenging tasks here. If you think that it is a diy technique and you won’t be able to do it yourself then better option is to hire a mechanic and a wrong fuel expert van and would it professionally for you.

1. Siphoning Fuel

Before draining out your fuel out of the fuel tank is necessary as quickly as you can. It usually remains one of the most ignored techniques and people keep running on the road. However, use this technique if you have made this mistake at your vehicle. You must drain out all the fuel out of the vehicle and replace it with the correct fuel. This technique can only be used when there is the right equipment available. The right equipment involves a pipe and pumps to suck the fuel out. Place the pipe deep inside the fuel tank and suck the fuel with the mouth. Keep in mind that this technique is one of the most dangerous, hazardous and extremely fireable options. However, driver or engineer whoever is performing the task might just swallow a bit of fuel and it can cause many issues.

2. Using a Fuel Pump

It is not possible to empty the fuel tank in one go at all, even with the fuel pump. This technique is highly recommended and advisable for all the drivers, it is a safe, quick and approved technique. This particular technique works excellently on all types of vehicles and fuel tanks, to use this technique to remove fuel out of the vehicle, there should be a pan or tub to pour fuel in and it must be placed directly under the fuel plug. Identify the drainage plug first and start the pump to start sucking the fuel out.