Hidden tricks for your Android Phone

Shortcuts to help you manage your phone way faster

Android phones are popular as ever thanks to their unique features that let you customize your phone entirely. You can work your way through with the settings and change anything that you don’t like starting from the shape and size of the icons and finishing with the home and lock screens, word placement, or color of the folders you create. But what takes the Android’s game to the next level is in fact the hidden tricks that it has up its sleeve. Here are 5 features you can use with your Android phone which will give you a lot more room to operate with your phone.

1. Shortcut to Google Assistant

Ways of searching for information you need can take a couple of minutes when you are using an Android phone and don’t have a specific widget for the search on your first page of the homescreen. Another issue is having to constantly have internet available for you in order to be able to get the search results. Of course, living in UK, having good quality internet can be problematic, so in order to avoid it you can get your own mobile phone signal booster. What mobile network boosters in UK do is simple – they boost your signal and provide you with stable and non-freezing connection.

Now once you have internet, during the times when you have to urgently find out about something specific it is easier to launch the Google Assistant by long pressing the home or menu buttons. After a few seconds the Google Assistant pops up and you can type your question or simply speak through your phone’s microphone. This is a much faster way of getting the answers you need.

2. Shortcut to your phone information

Finding information about your Android phone can take a lot of time depending on what information you need. You can access some information about the phone’s or SD card’s memory, the percentage of the battery by going to “Device Maintenance” (the wording may vary depending on the Android phone you use). It is also possible to check the performance, storage and security of the phone as well, however every single bit of information can be scattered around and will require your time to find it in the settings. A quicker way to have all the information about your current status of the phone summarized and ready is by dialing the following USSD code: *#*#4636#*#*

This code provides you with all the information about your phone’s serial number, the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), location, signal strength, data info, GSM and GPRS services as well as run a PING test. These features are separated into 4 sections that you may want to test: Phone info, Battery info, Usage Statistics and WiFi info.

If you don’t want to dial this number every single time, an easier way to do is to get an app on the Play Store, which will provide with the same summarized and sectioned features.

3. Shortcut to cleared notifications

The notification panel can contain a lot of notification, whether you customized it to have the least amount and the most important on top, or all of them mixed together. However, the notifications are one click away from being removed with one accidental touch. This can be annoying because some of the notifications that are hidden before you expand the notification panel will be removed without you knowing about them. Finding every single source app for the notification, especially if the application badges are cleared can be hard. A way to avoid this from happening is to go to the widgets of the home screen and pop the “Notifications Settings” widget somewhere on your home screen. Next time when you tap it, it will reveal all the notifications regardless of their disappearance from the notification panel or not.

4. Shortcut to a secret game

There is a hidden feature for the android phones, which is comprised of a small arcade game with the famous Android logo. In order to have access to it, you will have to go to your device’s settings, then hit the “About Phone”, and afterwards, proceed to the Software Information section. Next you have to repeatedly tap on the “Android version” which is at the very top of the list. This movement will direct you to the secret game that you can enjoy in your free or waiting time.

5. Shortcut to the SD card

Your phone can run out of memory in a short period of time, and the major reason for that are the applications installed on it. In order to free up some of the internal storage there is an option of moving your applications right to the SD card. A way to do this is to go to the Applications menu and to the “Storage”.  From there you can change the storage from internal to the SD card with just two clicks, but this can be applied only to those applications that are not system apps.

Now that you have 5 shortcuts on how to manage your phone faster, you can go ahead and use your Android Phone to the fullest.