Do You Need a Licence to Fly a Drone?

So – you’ve bought a drone. Fantastic! You probably can’t wait to take it to the skies and to start taking some fantastic photos and footage. However, before you do, it’s worth considering if you are on the right side of the law when doing so! There are some laws regarding drone registration which you must pay attention to before you start thinking about setting up a flying camera for the first time.

But how do you know if you’re breaking the law? Will, it cost you much to register a drone?  Maybe you don’t need a licence at all. Let’s take a closer look and find out the facts.

Licences & Permissions

Firstly, it’s worth bearing in mind that, in the UK, there isn’t really such thing as a full drone licence. It’s more of permission! In some cases, you will need to obtain permission to be able to fly any kind of drone in the UK.

Obtaining a licence is as simple as getting in touch with the CAA, who are responsible for making sure everyone who needs permission, obtains it. To get permission from the CAA to fly a drone, and to make sure you are well within UK drone laws, you will need to complete a variety of tests. This drone registration process simply makes sure that you are fit to fly your machine! Think of it in a similar way to learning how to drive. Only, it’s likely to be less intense!

When Do I Need a Drone Licence?

You will only need to obtain permission to fly a drone in the UK when you are doing so for business purposes. For example, you may wish to take aerial photos for survey maps. Or, you might work on behalf of an estate agent, who wants you to record flyovers to provide to their customers.

In any case, it’s crucial you get in touch with the CAA. This is the main body who oversees regulations for UK drones. Otherwise, you can contact a drone pilot school, who will help you to complete your practical and theory exams and to obtain that necessary permission.

How Much Does Drone Registration Cost?

When looking for drone licencing or registration, you need to consider costs. These can vary from school to school, and from body to body. Therefore, you may wish to do a bit of shopping around. You may expect to pay around £1,000 or less for a full licence and tutoring, which in some cases will include resits.

However, these costs really can vary – so do keep an open mind!  Take a look at local schools, and if you have any concerns regarding drone laws and licencing, it’s worth consulting an expert for further advice.

Don’t worry about drone licencing!  It’s something all drone pilots have to consider and go through if they’re flying for professional purposes. If you’re just flying around for a hobby, don’t worry – you can do so as much as you please!