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5 top tips to keep your video production simple

Whether you are an all-time filmmaker or are looking to have a crack at video marketing, the best thing to do when producing videos is keep your production simple and focused.

The following tips are important to consider when producing a video and can help differentiate between video success and epic video fail!

While the first and most important thing when putting a video together is, of course, sticking to a strict budget, there are also other methods you can use to keep your video production as simple as possible.

Read the following 5 top tips to keep your video production simple below:

1. Define your audience and think about what they want before shooting.

Particularly relevant when you are producing a video for a marketing regime, however, also relevant when producing any sort of film, you should make sure you shoot your video with the end audience in mind.

Time spent before shooting your movie should not be rushed, make sure you explore exactly the audience you are appealing to and shoot your movie to make them happiest!

Essentially, popularity with your audience is what will help your video production be a success.

2. Apps can make production easier.

Downloading or purchasing a suitable production app can make your life simpler when it comes to filming.

There are a huge variety of apps available that can help out filmmakers, like a weather app or an organisational app.

Nowadays, there are tons of apps for various mobile phones that you can take with you on-the-go when filming to make life easier! So you don’t even need to carry a laptop computer with you! What could be easier than that?

3. Consider the audio quality of a location/shoot.

Even though the visuals of a location may be perfect, ensure that you consider any background noise that may poorly affect the audio quality, as well as whether you will need any special equipment to optimize audio quality.

4. Think about the lighting options.

Consider what the lighting is like where you are planning to film. You may need further pieces of equipment and more crew members to fulfil any lighting requirements. Often, sunlight can interfere with the filming process, so you may need additional blackout features or camera lenses.

5. How will you edit the video?

There is various software available that you can use to make edits to the video. It may be that you are able to edit the video yourself or you could hire somebody to edit the video for you.

The editing process should be included in your budget and time allocations. This is where the film will come together fully, after all.

Don’t lose focus!

Keep every element of your video production focused and you’ll be sure to create a successful video.

Hopefully the above 5 tips will make life simpler too!