Virtual Reality: how brands can take advantage of the tech

Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated experience that places the user in another world or dimension. The “otherworldly” experience offered by VR is the reason it has been so successful in gaming. But how can marketers use virtual reality to tangibly engage and excite their audience?

To give customers an exciting new way to learn more about their brand’s offering, companies can take to VR or Augmented Reality (AR). In the virtual world, users can access information, rewards and other content, which can then be used in the real world. However, this is not super easy to do, and requires the existence of a dedicated platform.

Omniscape is a Blockchain-based platform that monetizes Virtual and Augmented Reality content and links experiences and 3D spaces to real-world locations. Users can purchase real-world locations in the virtual world of Omniscape’s platform, and brands can use those properties to market themselves and their products, as well as offer virtual rewards that can then be used in the real world.

A good example of this happened last week in a user-facing campaign held in Miami, in which users could retrieve rewards in the platform and then use them to get interesting offers.

“We basically blend augmented reality and virtual reality together, with a focus on location to basically help businesses and brands connect with each other and provide really cool, amazing experiences for consumers that they can obviously have fun with, but they are also monetized. So, the idea is to basically help, again, businesses and brands drive traffic to stores and give consumers fun and interesting experiences.”, says Robert Rice, the CEO and founder of Transmira.

Users can monetize their properties inside the platform, and even negotiate with brands the pricing for their rental or selling process – Rice explains:

“The idea is we want to make it easy for people to make money and kind of keep it low and accessible. And you can speculate, like domain names, [users can] buy cool locations and resell them or try to anticipate where the market is going to grow, where people are, where the activity is.”

With the current state of AR/VR, brands should really look for opportunities in this niche, as the possibilities offered by these technologies are, as we can see in Omniscape, almost endless.