Whether it’s a conference or a Christmas Party, events require their own space and preparations. This is where specialists such as The Event Book come into the picture. They provide dedicated service to host events. It includes choosing the theme, catering, accommodation and much more. The benefit of having a dedicated Event Management company in the surety that everything will go according to the plan. You can, therefore, focus on welcoming the guests or enjoying the event.

The other benefits of hiring an Event Management Service are:

  • It saves your time since the key responsibilities are delegated
  • It saves money because Event Management companies have tie-ups and knowledge of the market to get the best value for money
  • They can get reputable suppliers and vendors to ensure your event becomes memorable
  • They can get discounts, permissions and negotiate on your behalf at every stage of preparation
  • Offers peace of mind, even if there is a last-minute requirement or changes

Event Designing and Planning

The two aspects of Event Designing and Planning go hand-in-hand. The Designing takes care of the event’s themes, colours, seating, etc. While Planning takes care of the logistics and budget.

Any event management service provider should offer the following features as a part of their Event Organising service.

  • Office or home space transformation to turn a regular area into an impressive event platform
  • Adding a theme and Décor to complement the theme of the party, such as a casual décor and striking colours for a casual party or a superhero theme for children’s event
  • Coordinate transportation for conference guests from the hotel to the event place to ensure there is no delay in the arrival of guests
  • Sourcing artists and MCs for events such as Christmas parties that require entertaining for the evening
  • Coordinating AV and Photographic services to ensure they find the best vantage point to cover the event
  • Provide group accommodations for events that run across multiple days. These accommodations have to be comfortable and accessible to ensure the event schedule is not hampered
  • Arrange food and beverages for the party guests. This service should include considering different cuisines and specific foods for vegetarian and vegan guests
  • Provide a delegation registration service to check the guests entering the event
  • Sourcing inspirational speakers to share their expertise and experience for guests, especially corporate events
  • On-site management of the entire event so that any last-minute requests are fulfilled without delay

How to decide upon an Event Management service?

The three important aspects you should consider before deciding upon service are:

  • The experience of the event management service This helps in understanding the types of events they have previously worked and judge whether they are capable of handling your event
  • Providing an end-to-end solution for your event that includes all the features listed above. It should cover event designing and plan with solutions such as the design of the event, logistics and on-site management
  • A friendly, helpful event management service can help to ensure that the event goes smoothly while providing you with a peace of mind
  • The event management service should have an understanding of small and large-scale events with various budgets


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