How to Have an Amicable Divorce

Ever since the lockdown was enforced, the number of couples contacting divorce lawyers has increased. In these unprecedented and extremely difficult times, even previously happily married couples can feel a strain on their relationship. For marriages with existing issues, the intensity of the last few months has exacerbated any problems that were already there.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, separating has also had additional challenges. That’s why divorce solicitors have become more important than ever for struggling couples. For couples with children, a bad atmosphere at home can be damaging for everyone but especially for any children involved. Even though separation may be difficult emotionally, having an amicable divorce could benefit all parties over time.

In this blog, we’re going to explore how family law experts and divorce solicitors can help a couple to have a civil divorce. If you want to take the first step towards an amicable divorce, contact BP Collins family law Maidenhead today. Their divorce solicitors can support you throughout the separation process and help you to have a civil divorce that is beneficial for all parties.

Having a Civil Divorce

For any civil divorce to be a possibility, both sides need to understand the other’s perspective. This can be very difficult if there has been a breakdown in communication or there is a disagreement over whether divorce is the right option. Sometimes these issues aren’t someone’s fault, but they still have to be overcome.

Often, the time after a separation is distressing. It could have been a shock but the breakdown of a relationship can be tough no matter the circumstances. What’s important during this time is to have constructive conversations and take steps towards a civil divorce, if it’s for the best. A family law divorce solicitor can help someone to plan and open up a civil line of communication with their estranged partner. Whatever the circumstances a married couple is in, a divorce lawyer can advise them on the best course of action to take.

When Children Are Involved

When a couple has children, including step-children, civil communication is crucial. This is not only important to have an amicable divorce but also for any children’s welfare at that moment. Even after a divorce, when children are involved, a divorced couple will still have to have some sort of communication with one another. Establishing polite and constructive communication as quickly as possible will make life easier for the rest of both party’s lives.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds. There can be a lot of lingering emotions after a divorce, even if it’s a civil divorce. A divorce lawyer can help to create strategies to make communicating easier and ensure it improves over time. This is essential not only to the couple but for any children involved.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, some parents may use restrictions on meeting to reduce another parent’s contact with their children. It’s important to recognise the distinction between someone legitimately concerned for health reasons and someone who is manipulating the situation. If someone believes their access to their children is being unfairly restricted, a divorce lawyer can advise them on their next steps. There will be consequences for parents who exploit the pandemic to restrict another parent’s access to their children.

The Importance of Legal Advice For An Amicable Divorce

Seeking legal advice from a divorce solicitor is a vital step to take when separating. There are many factors to consider during a divorce. From finances and property arrangements to child custody. A family law specialist can guide their client through these challenges and help them have an amicable divorce.

Taking legal advice is more important now more than ever. Because of the pandemic, a lot of changes have been implemented to the court processes. There are different stages and this means different guidance is needed. With the right legal advice, someone can understand how to reach their desired outcome.

A divorce solicitor can take away some of the uncertainty that a separation causes. They can provide support for settlement and custody discussions. Even when someone doesn’t contact a solicitor throughout the divorce process, a divorce lawyer will be needed once an agreement is reached. This is so they can record the divorce settlement in a consent order.

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