Genius ways to organise your garage

Who actually has space to park their car in their garage at the moment? Or maybe this is your reality! Time to ‘fess up. Is your garage a bit messy right now? Is it really on your to-do list for this weekend to clear it all up?  Of course, it is! No need to feel embarrassed, with busy lives and more ‘stuff’ to fill it, it is almost inevitable and common to find your garage becomes a dumping ground.

So, if this weekend really is the one to tackle your garage, read on, as we share our best tips to help you succeed.

Art Studio? Man cave? Fake tan salon? Firstly, what do you want to use your garage for? To actually park the car? Your dream carpentry workbench? A peaceful space for to paint?

Whatever the reason – assess how much space you have, how much you need and what else do you need to fit in.

A very long weekend

Like pulling off a plaster – the best way to tackle this is fast and in one go. Dedicate a whole day or even weekend – depending on your hoarding tendencies – to the initial clean up. Sort items into keep, bin, donate and sell. Be aggressive – when did you last use this? And if you are still not sure, sleep on it.

Make sure you recycle, where possible – not only plastics and paper, but charities shops and jumble. If selling items, Depop, Facebook marketplace, ebay and Gumtree are your friends.

This is not a drill

Once you have eliminated items you don’t want it’s time for a deep clean – treat it like a military operation. If your space is clean you are more likely to keep it that way. If you intend to store food or if people (especially kids) will use the space, you must think about safety and hygiene – you want to remove or reduce damp, mold, creepy-crawlies, rodents and Chemical or industrial stains and spills.

Next, designate the garage into different areas for functional use. As an example:

  • things you use all the time
  • DIY
  • Hobbies
  • Storage
  • Long life food

Think about exactly how you are going to order things. If you have perishable items, valuable items, or items which need to be kept dry and clean, a great solution is plastic storage boxes.

Plastics boxes are generally a great solution, they’re:

  • Secure
  • Strong
  • Easy to stack and move
  • Available in different sizes and shapes.
  • Open or sealed for short- or long-term storage.
  • Tote boxes offer versatility – easy to open lids to allow quick access but can be stacked or filled above lid level.

Look up, there’s more to see

Don’t be limited to floor space, look up and you will find a self storage space. You can hang from walls, racking and shelves or use stacking boxes. If you want to keep everything tidy and clean, plastic stacking boxes are perfect. But think carefully.

  • Heaviest boxes should be stored at a sensible height to make lifting safe and prevent injury
  • Place least frequently used items in the least accessible place – up high or at the back
  • Use clear plastic stacking boxes – you will remember and use items you can see
  • Label each box clearly and on several surfaces
  • Buy different coloured stacking boxes to help find items faster
  • Perishable items – food or soft furnishings must be stored in sealed containers, like ziplock bags or fixed lid tote boxes.
  • Consider nested stacking boxes for safe storage
  • Storage boxes with wheels are much easier to move around

With your gleaming garage now an enjoyable and usable space, make sure you keep it that way! Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure it doesn’t fall into misuse. Why not use plastic stacking boxes to regulate this – keep a couple of empty tote boxes on hand, when they are full, you know its time to get rid of some more stuff.

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