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Why I Top Up My Mobile Online

In this new age of lockdowns and restrictions on life, we’ve turned to the internet for almost everything – clothes shopping, meetings with the family, takeaways and so on. Almost everything you could need is just a click away. So why do people still pop to the shop to put credit on their phones? I guess it could have been an old matter of convenience. “I’m in the shop, I suppose I’ll do it while I’m here.” But now that we don’t go out in the same ways that we used to maybe it’s time that all changed. That’s why I’ve started topping up my phone online.

Benefits of Topping Up Your Mobile Online

I’ve found many benefits to using the internet to get phone credit. One of the best is the promotions networks sometimes offer – literally free money!  They usually work by offering a percentage of the payment as additional credit or extra data/minutes when topping up by a certain amount. If you’re really into your bargain hunting you can even combine these offers with cashback sites to maximise the bang for your buck. By signing up to a site and becoming a regular user, you can even be notified of the newest offers, so that you can coincide your top-ups with the best promotions. I know many of us are feeling the financial pinch at the moment too – reduced hours, pay cuts and all the other consequences of an economy in shock mean money is tighter than ever. So instead of upgrading to that new iPhone why not keep the one you have, switch to a pay as you go sim that allows you to be in full control of your spending and avoid the commitment of a long and expensive contact. In the current climate, this is a great way of taking back control of your finances.

Another thing I love is the ability to look after family members, especially given the pandemic. If you’ve got elderly parents, grandparents or anyone at risk or even those located in another country you can easily top their phone up for them without either of you having to leave the house. I really think at the minute this option is something more of us should be taking advantage of. The ability to keep in touch with relatives, keep them safe and get better value for money is a no brainer.

It’s totally understandable that some of you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to buy things online – it’s ok, but there’s no need to panic! Companies such as Ding have smooth, easy to navigate apps that can be downloaded to simplify the whole offering and they even offer a money back guarantee if for any reason there should be an issue with the transaction. Another benefit of using the app is you’ll be doing a little bit of good in the world. How you might wonder? If you choose a company like Ding then a small percentage of each of your top-ups will be donated to a worthy cause, at no extra cost to you.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted all of the benefits of buying credit online compared to visiting the shops. Good luck with your first top-up!