How can we chill and heal our whole body during the COVID-19 lock-down?

Since the whole world is locked down due to unexpected corona viruses outbreack, we are being locked out at home. We find sufficient time to keep our body in track.

There are certain lifestyle changes to be made to get more productive results. These changes may reflect in future but are steady in nature. In the morning, the diversity of our surrounding areas is quiet enough so that if to be utilized wisely may become beneficial for both mind and body.

Here is some activities should be performed in the morning:

1. Drink Water

Some dietitians recommends that drinking water early in the morning is beneficial in burning fats in the body more easily and one can get slim healthy body within a week!

2. Exercise at intermediate level

Intermediate exercises like jogging, push-ups, pull-ups, cycling etc. give a boost to the immune system so that we get hardly fall in diseases.

3. Expose to sunlight

Doctors always advice patients of Vitamin-D deficiency to take their bodies expose to sunlight. But why?

The answer is very tricky but need extra effort and attention. If a normal person of any age will expose to sunlight in early stage (after 15 minutes of sunrise), the cells in the tissues in the body get energy from the sun and get active to perform any chemical and mechanical tasks.

After all these, one crucial step towards our healthy life is sleeping habits and foods we eat.

What we eat reflects our whole body well-being. Healthy foods is required to be enlisted in the daily habits to find it fruitful.

So what should we include in food items? It depends on the natural availability of substances like leafy vegetables, cheese, cabbage, animal products like meat, fish, egg, kidney etc..

Sleeping habits should be changed completely so as to avoid any mental and heart risks. It’s recommended to sleep at least 7-8 hours of sleep for elders, 8-10 hours for older people and 10-11 hours for kids.

Activating your body and mind is essential to live a better and longer life.