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Bed Shopping For Millennials

Millennials are continuing to dictate how products are sold. They have completely shaped our culture with their unique perceptions of the world and distinct traits. And it should not come as a surprise as this a generation that grew up in a digitally influenced world. According to one study, millennials will make up almost half of the global workforce by the end of 2020. For this reason, it is crucial for every industry to reach out to them and try to learn how they can meet their ever-changing shopping behaviour and expectations.

When it comes to buying beddings, millennials are unsurprisingly interested in buying them online, perhaps more than any other home products. It has also been found that millennials also do their mattress research in only one week, which is pretty much a short window to work on as a salesperson.

But who is the actual online bedding customer today? According to online research, at least 18 percent of millennials buy mattresses online compared to couches (7%), lighting and lamps (6%), and case goods (6%).

This shows that millennials like buying their bedding online.

The reason behind this is that mattress brands are making an effort of reaching out to them using responsive sites and promotional programs.

But what exactly do millennials look for when searching for the best bed to buy online? According to another study, almost every millennial (55%) look for great deals online, while some of them (35%) are after the best and personalise customer service, and at least 10 of these millennials want to see a charity program.

So, many mattress brands are able to attract millennials by offering unbeatable prices by eliminating the middlemen from the transaction.

As I have mentioned elsewhere in this article, millennials spend as little as one week researching for mattresses before purchasing. This means that brands have to be constantly online to be able to pounce on this market segment. This calls for online advertising, which is usually 24/7. Retailers can also use broadcast and print ads to maximise their coverage.

As far as the one-week research window is concerned, it will come as a relief to mattress retailers to learn that millennials are not concerned about getting their beds the same day they purchased it. As a matter of fact, only less than 1% that wants it delivered the same day. More than half of millennials that buy beds online are willing to wait up to two weeks for it to be delivered

This is in contrast to millennials who buy their mattress in the stores, as almost half of them expect it to be delivered the day they purchase it.

It is interesting for the mattress brands to learn that millennials expect quicker delivery of beds from physical stores compared to online stores.  So, with all the immediacy that the online buying offers, millennials are not after immediate delivery of the beds they purchase online, despite the fact they are the ones shaping e-commerce with their quest for convenience.

Mattress brands loved the most by millennials

According to a study, it seems like millennials trust traditional companies more. The research found that Serta was the most favourite bed brand for millennials with a 13.9 percent approval rate, followed closely by seasonal mattress retailers Sealy and Tempur-Pedic. The study also indicated that millennials prefer bed-in-a-box mattress brands, with Purple and Casper leading the pack.

Purple and Casper are loved due to their unique and helpful features. For instance, Purple has a fascinating design that provides support for shoulders and hips, which is perfect for side sleepers. On the other hand, Casper features layers that are made to regulate the temperature.