Eat4wellness – Move4wellness – Think4wellness

Spring is here! As the days get longer and we awaken from our winter hibernation, we begin to see the possibilities of the season ahead.

Spring is a time of new beginnings when we clean out the old and prepare for what lies ahead. At this time, many of us turn our attention to our health- often to lose the few extra kilos we’ve acquired over the winter months and in preparation for the approaching summer. We start to spend more time outdoors and we enjoy the freshness of the fruits and veggies coming into the season.

The challenge can be anything you like related to your health. All you need to do is complete that goal each day for the 30 days. By choosing your own personal challenge, you can determine what you want to achieve and take charge of your own health as well as your lifestyle choices. Together, we can all help each other reach our individual goals.

Remember, making a small change for the long term is far easier and more effective than attempting to make lots of drastic changes at once. Click here to find the best rehab centers in Columbus Ohio to keep your goals accomplished.

What’s your challenge?

We’re using the following three categories:

Eat4 wellness – how you fuel your body

A specific detox (liver, caffeine, alcohol) or just change parts of your diet such as reducing your sugar intake, or eating only organic fruit.

Move 4 wellness – you’ve got to move it!

start an exercise program – walk every night after work. Do yoga or tai chi every morning.

Think4 wellness – your mental, the emotional and spiritual state

Reduces your stress through meditation or a laughter group. Hug someone, or be a better friend by doing something for a different friend every day.

These three categories are the cornerstones of living a healthy, happy life to optimum potential. If you feel as though one of these areas could do with some attention in your life, then the 30-day challenge is the perfect time to commit to making a change. If you or your loved one is struggling with any kindly mental illness then it is the right time to visit the rehabilitation centers in Philadelphia to recover from your problem