Medical tourism in Europe – A lifesaving journey against obesity

Obesity is a major health issue in many parts of the world and contributes to health complications for millions of people. It negatively affects every part of a person’s life, oftentimes leading to a downward spiral of depression, isolation, and decreased quality of life. Losing weight is an arduous process, and for those who have been struggling with it for a while – medical tourism in Europe can give a new hope. Getting a gastric sleeve abroad provides those who are unable to lose weight conventionally, with a chance for a better and healthier life.

The not so hidden dangers of obesity

Obesity is a known contributing factor towards many serious health conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and strokes. Moreover, depression, social isolation, and poor self-image are major psychological effects of obesity. With the rise of popularity of medical tourism in Europe, there are plenty of opportunities for getting the proper treatment to help promote weight loss.

Commitment to change

Losing weight requires commitment and perseverance. Medical tourism combines the pleasure of getting a vacation and the necessity of getting proper healthcare treatment. Gastric sleeve surgery is a life-changing procedure and oftentimes, it is the final chance for those suffering from obesity to lose weight.

What is a GSS?

GSS promotes weight loss by reducing the volume of the stomach by 65%-80%, thus significantly reducing food intake, nutrient absorption and increasing the sense of satiation. Additionally, the digestion time is reduced and in time, the body adapts to the new balance, free of cravings, which dramatically improves the quality of life.

A new life

Because it’s irreversible, for those people who go through the procedure it changes their lives forever. The food that has for so long been a companion, enjoyment and stress reliever, becomes fundamentally different. Besides the changes in how the body reacts to food and a strict liquid diet, a strong support network of doctors as well as family or close friends is of crucial importance during the post-op period.

Combining healthcare and vacation

However, getting the required healthcare might not be possible in the patient’s country of residence and many people are looking for alternatives in the form of various types of health tourism.

Medical tourism in Europe as a viable approach to healthcare

The rise in popularity of this method of healthcare has allowed many patients to get the treatment they need while enjoying a visit to a foreign country. The manifold benefits health tourists enjoy while traveling abroad include:

  • Fast, top-quality medical treatments performed by highly qualified medical professionals
  • Affordable, competitive prices and lower costs
  • A chance to enjoy the beauty of another country
  • Decreased stress regarding the organization of the arrangement

Getting the right treatment at a lower cost

Because the costs of treatments vary significantly depending on where you go in Europe – the Baltic region is becoming ever more attractive due to its extremely low health tourism costs, compared to some other countries in the EU – even with an extended hospital stay.

Additionally, the extremely low incidence of medical tourism problems regarding the travel and treatment arrangements makes it a safe, affordable and comfortable experience in the fight against obesity.

A Brave new world

The medical vacation and surgery are only the first step in the right direction. Keeping a strict dietary schedule, socializing, committing to an exercise routine in the months following the surgery, are of crucial significance towards a thinner, happier and more fulfilled life.

Every person has the right to be happy and if you are considering to embark on medical tourism in Europe in order to chisel a new, better and happy self at an affordable cost – it is the best choice you can make!