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5 Simple Ways To Change The Look Of A Fur Coat

Fur coats that have been in use for too long can be given a facelift by altering it. Such alterations usually involve things like changing the hem, cutting the hairs, recoloring it, and so on. This post will look at five simple ways of changing the look of your fur coat.

1. Sleeve Alteration

For some people, the sleeves of the fur coat will be too long that it covers the hand fully or partially. And if you have been uncomfortable with it for long, then you should approach a fur alteration service and get them to shorten the sleeves to a comfortable length. As a bonus, you can also try to add some extra fur at the end of the sleeves to give it a more stylish look. Redoing the seams will also change the look of the sleeves.

2. Get It Colored

If you think that the color of the coat has lost its vibrancy or that it no longer looks trendy, you can use an alteration service to change the coat’s color. One can add any imaginable color the coat, giving it a new lease of life. Just make sure that the color is not too bright or bold that it does not go well with the regular clothes that you wear daily.  Remember to check whether the dye to be used for the coloring process will damage the fur coat in any way or not.

3. Shear It

Some people buy a fur coat which has long hairs only to end up disliking it. And if you are one of them, you can just give the coat for alteration and get the hairs trimmed to a length you fancy. This process is known as shearing. The process will give a very different texture to the fur, with the coat looking ‘cleaner’ because of the shorter hairs. And depending on how short the hairs have been cut, you might also find the trimmed coat to be lighter on the shoulders and more comfortable to wear.

4. Alter The Hem

Changing the hem is a very popular alternation done by many people. When you alter the hem, it can be made smaller or longer, depending on your preferences. And each of them offers a very distinctive look to the coat. However, lengthening the hem will only be possible if there is extra material available on the coat that will allow for it.  So, consult with services offering fur coat alterations St. Louis to know whether the hem of your coat can be properly lengthened.

5. Add Other Materials

If you like to experiment, you can ask the alteration service to add in other materials on the coat to give it an absolutely new look. For example, hairs can be reduced around the collars and you can have denim attached to it. And if you are looking for more bling, you can attach shiny beads at the ends of the hands.