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Things to do on a Wintery Sunday

Some people love summer, some love winter. Regardless of which type of person you are, winter is an opportunity to do fun things like going for a woodland walk or bicycle ride through the autumn leaves. There’s nothing quite like getting out in the great outdoors and enjoying some fresh air, but equally, it’s really lovely to cosy up on a wet cold winters day and light a roaring fire and contemplate the world.

When it’s wet and rainy outside and you’ve already had a soaking, why not baton down the hatches, cosy up in front of a log fire and read a good book with your favourite cd playing in the background. A good old-fashioned cup of hot chocolate is guaranteed to give you back your inner glow.

If there’s snow on the ground, stoke that fire up and huddle up around your favourite tv boxset with a few mates or some family. Why not invite them over and have a Friday night pj party. Your mates will thank you for not having to dress up, who knows you could throw in some pampering with a few face packs and a foot treatment into the bargain for the perfect night in.

When you’re ready to face the world again, why go for a brisk 30-minute run or walk with your favourite mutt to your favourite park. Grab a tea and a guilt free treat, a newspaper and pour over the crossword while your mutt gets his breath back.

When it’s too cold to face the outdoors and you’ve got kids to entertain, a well-stocked larder with some baking ingredients can really be a lifeline. So have a few special fun recipes under your belt that you can use to teach your kids how to bake. Simple things like making fifteens, marshmallow top hats, coconut biscuits or chocolate rice crispy buns will give your kids and their friends hours of fund. Just be aware of any allergies and keep the parents in the loop before you start.

Painting is a pastime which is easy to start and very affordable and can be done either inside or out. The scariest part is having a white canvas, so set up some flowers and get painting. If that’s too much mess and too scary, doing some drawing with a very forgiving soft pencil. You may even surprise yourself and discover a new talent.

Having a luxurious bath and using all your prized soaps and creams in a pamper day is a great way to have a cheap and cheerful spa day. It’s a tough world out there especially in winter, and if you’re used to facing the wind and rain, your skin may need a little more pampering in winter. So, slather on that luxurious moisturiser you’ve been keeping for a special occasion and throw some dried rose petals in your bath along with some of your favourite essential oils for a bit of added luxury.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying than tearing your wardrobe apart and getting rid of all that stuff that you never wear. You can even assuage your guilt by giving stuff to friends, or your local charity shop. Moreover if you have some valuable pieces that you don’t wear anymore, you can sell them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and make yourself a new pot of money to buy some new clothes. It’s a win win and on a winter’s day, lets face it, you may as well be enjoying your home and getting organised.

If you’re a fan of boardgames, there are some great new versions available out there of old favourites. It doesn’t have to be Christmas to get the family or a bunch of friends round a boardgame and some of the oldest like monopoly or Cluedo are still the best, especially with new versions of your local city available. Even a good old fashioned game of pontoon or poker can bring hours of fun.

For the ultimate mindfulness session, why not explore the world of Gibsons jigsaw puzzles. If you’ve not done a jigsaw puzzle since you were a kid, it’s time to rediscover a great hobby. Jigsaws have come a long way and now there are a really amazing range of adult jigsaws, with scenic local scenes like Padstow and Piccadilly, right through to gorgeous old country pub and village scenes. With everything from 500 to 1000 word puzzles and a plethora of subjects to feast your eyes on, there’s no better way to find your zen than to spread out on the kitchen table or dining room floor and get clicking those pieces together. Health experts tell us it will improve your mental health into the bargain, so what are you waiting for?