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6 Burly Traits of Titanium Rings That Makes Them Perfect for Men

Even at the risk of generalisation, it’s safe to say that titanium rings are innately masculine. Titanium bands for men are highly-durable rings that have understated designs. The tough metal makes it impossible for jewellers to create intricately designed rings. That’s why a typical titanium ring for him lacks ornamental or floral designs and instead has clean lines and sharp design elements. While there is a wide selection of titanium jewellery for women, titanium bands, in particular, are inherently designed for men. Thanks to the durability and affordability of the metal, classic convex titanium wedding bands for men are also becoming quite popular. If you are a guy who has never worn a ring and suffer from the belief that it’s too girly, here’re are 6 burly traits of titanium rings that are pretty manly.

Nothing Fancy About Them: Titanium rings have a serious tone and they often look more practical than fancy. They also come in a few subtle colour options. Apart from the brushed steel tone, titanium rings for men are often available in black and grey.

They are Impractically Strong: Men are naturally drawn to things that are powerful and strong. That’s why they love to go from point A to B in monstrously powerful cars. Is it practical? Probably no, but it sure is a whole lot of fun. Titanium rings pay homage to a man’s love affair with strength. It not only has a much higher tensile strength than platinum, titanium rings are also much more resistant to abrasions and scratches. Perfect for metal workers and construction guys, these metal rings for men don’t react to hot temperatures.

They Can Be Ordered Online: Since the dawn of time men have complained about going shopping with their female partners. Everything from waiting outside changing rooms to the art of window shopping does not come naturally to the male gender. The convenience of ordering titanium rings online is an alluring proposition for most men. Instead of going shop to shop, they can simply browse different online jewellery websites till they find something they like. Thanks to ecommerce services such as home trials and easy returns, buying jewellery online come with little to no risk.

Affordable without Being Cheap: Men appreciate things that are value for money. As good as it is, titanium is available abundantly. This is why the price of titanium rings is way lower than rings made from platinum and other precious metals. While titanium has all the qualities of a precious metal it doesn’t break the bank. Many couples today choose to save thousands of dollars by simply selecting titanium wedding sets instead of platinum or gold.

It Comes In Black: There is something about the famous Batman dialogue “does it come in black?” that resonates with all men. While there is no debating that women can pull off black outfits and dresses, men often prefer black coloured objects. That’s why they often go for black smartphones and solid black earrings. Apart from other shades, titanium rings are available in matte black and glossy black finishes. They look so impressive that some couples are breaking the tradition and getting black titanium wedding bands instead of traditional silver-shaded rings.

They Don’t Weigh Down on Your Fingers: Much like a fighter jet or a high-performance car, titanium rings are super lightweight and yet supremely strong. The combination of high-strength and lightweight nature makes them practical a fashionwear for men. Once slipped on, the ring’s featherweight frame doesn’t weigh down on the finger, which is a desirable trait for first-time-ring-wearers.