Maternity fashion

Popular Maternity Clothes for Expectant Mothers

When your baby bump starts to show up, dressing can be a major fashion challenge, even for those who have a good taste for fashion. Your body is always changing, and within no time, your closet will be full of clothes that can’t fit you. All of a sudden, you have to dress this body that seems foreign to you, and you completely have no clue of what’s going to look good on it. Well, if you’re a mom-to-be and more so, if you’re a first-time mom, this shouldn’t get you worried. There’s always something fashionable you can put on so that you don’t feel left out. Here are some ideas for you.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have become trendy with women of all ages, and especially among expectant mothers. Most of them are free to give your belly room for growth. They come in a wide variety of designs and fabrics. For expectant mothers, dresses made of cotton would be ideal since, during this period, they need something that feels comfortable on their skin. Additionally, you should get a dress with a soft elastic waistband so that you don’t feel pressure on your bump.


If you’re expectant, these oversize tops that hit below the hip are cloth pieces that should never miss in your wardrobe. They hide your baby bump and accommodate your overgrown body nicely. Most of them come with lovely details like deep V-necklines, vented sides, and bracelet-length sleeves that make you look slimmer despite your weight. Before pregnancy, you can wear it as a dress, but once your belly is grown, you can pair it with leggings. You’ll also find it useful after delivery, as it’s free enough to make nursing comfortable.

Wrap dress

This is a perfect dress for styling your bump. Wrap dresses come in different styles and design and they can be worn even before your belly starts to show up. With their comfortable mid-length hemline that never creeps up too high, even in those last moments of your pregnancy, you can wear them throughout the period without having to add some cloth pieces. To ensure you still feel trendy, they have a sweet V-neckline that looks just perfect during this time.

Having looked at what you can wear when you’re expectant, the information can only be complete if we also mention a few pieces that you shouldn’t wear during this time. So, what should you not wear while pregnant? Once your baby bump starts to show up, it’s time to let go of those tight-fitting clothes. You’ll have to damp your pair of jeans, that fitting top, or that dress with a waistband. If you must put on leggings, ensure it has a soft elastic waistband that feels comfortable on your belly. To ensure you’re always right about what you wear during this time, try and keep up with the pace of your belly’s growth and put on something that perfectly accommodates it.

Dressing your growing bump perfectly is like getting the right house fittings for your home. Take your time to choose your maternity wear ensuring you get pieces that you’ll still look fashionable in.