UPVC windows

Why Are UPVC Double Glazing Windows So Popular?

The demand for UPVC double glazing windows continues to increase, and it’s no secret as to why. Double glazing windows themselves present homeowners with a wide range of priceless advantages, and when set within a UPVC frame, more benefits can be enjoyed. UPVC double glazing windows can improve the security, energy efficiency and overall appearance of any home.

When seeking new windows, modern homeowners tend to focus on 3 main deciding factors; how long lasting the windows are, how low maintenance the windows are, and of course, how much they cost. With such a huge selection of options to choose from, all factors must be considered to ensure that new windows meet your budget, style and requirements. Sash and case windows are more suited to period properties, whereas tilt and turn windows may be more preferable for offices and flats.

However, the majority of homeowners opt for UPVC double glazing windows to replace the existing windows in their home. Here’s why UPVC double glazing windows are so popular:


UPVC double glazing windows are a very affordable options for new windows, which explains their continually increasing popularity. Double glazing windows are available in other styles, including aluminium and timber, but if you are working with a specific budget, UPVC double windows prove themselves to be the most cost-effective option time and time again. In addition to this, many reputable window companies offer finance options for new windows, so you have the option to spread the cost whilst having all your windows replaced at once.


UPVC double glazing windows are supplied and installed complete with a range of modern features which makes them extremely reliable. With two windowpanes, the energy efficiency of your home improves almost instantly, keeping gas and electricity bills much lower. As well as this, contemporary security features, such as key-locking mechanisms, mean that you can rest assured your new UPVC windows are a reliable solution to improve the overall safety and security of your home. Not just this, but the actual UPVC frame itself also provides reliable security. Old, rotting timber window frames can create vulnerabilities and leave your home at risk of damage and even break-ins. UPVC window frames are strong and sturdy and weaknesses are very unlikely.


Due to the very fact that UPVC double glazing windows are crafted from UPVC, they are an incredibly durable product. Built to effectively withstand the elements, UPVC windows not only last in top condition in excess of twenty years, but they require very little maintenance too. Traditional timber windows require annual attention in the form of painting and treating to avoid natural, inevitable rotting, warping and splintering. UPVC windows pose no risk in terms of natural deterioration and as a result, require no treating and a simple wipe with a cloth to keep clean.

Interesting? We Think So!

It’s clear to see that UPVC windows have fast become the first choice for many homeowners seeking new or replacement windows for their home. Traditional timber windows were once the most popular, however now with a multitude of additional benefits, UPVC windows are the preferred window style for modern home and business owners due to their affordability, reliability and durability.