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Enjoy the Finer Things with Luxury Interior Design

Interior design comes in many shapes and forms, from the minimal, to the rustic, and yes, even the most luxurious. Luxury interior design boasts the decadent, the lavish, and the opulent to come together and create the best interior design for those who love the finer things. While luxury interior design is not the most cost effective, be prepared to invest a bit more on this style, but don’t be afraid to indulge in a little bit of the lavish. After all, you should feel like your home is your palace and have the ability to choose the perfect interior decoration to make it a reality. Here are some of the basic elements of a luxury interior design and how you can bring a little bit more elegance to your space.

Materials and Textures

When sourcing materials to bring your interior design ideas to life, look to more grand finishes and textures. Providing a mix of opulent materials like marble and juxtaposing them with more natural elements, like unfinished woods are a staple of luxury interior design. The more layered, the better, as texture adds a level of depth you won’t get from standard flat finishes. This doesn’t mean ignore them completely either, though—high shine finishes on acrylic or lucite also bring an insurmountable level of glamor to your interior decoration.

Our Décor Aid interior designers love including marble interior decoration whenever they can. From flooring, to countertops, to tabletop accents, there are numerous opportunities to incorporate marble into your interior design ideas, and it remains timeless and valuable.

For fabrics, look to what the big cities are doing for the best interior design ideas. For example, the interior design NYC has is always on the forefront of the best textiles. Velvet remains key in creating luxe interiors, with silk easily incorporated and paired with it as well. Velvet appears dense, thick, and expensive, and can fit into practically any interior decoration.

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Shapes and Silhouettes

When thinking about the larger pieces you’d like to incorporate into your interior design, it’s best to hire a designer that specializes in this style so that they can bring you the best interior design possible. For example, a hired interior design service will have a better idea on the type of couches would work better in a luxurious space. A banana couch provides a subtle curve that is elegant and sculptural in nature. Look for these big ticket items that stand out among the rest due to unique curvature or lines.

Another staple of a lavish home is a freestanding clawfoot bathtub for your bathroom’s design. The curved edges of the tub are unlike most modern tubs, giving it a classic inspiration, and the detailing in the foot gives an ornate upscale appearance as well. These investments are worthwhile, providing you with the best interior design for years to come instead of opting for a fleeting fad. Most pieces should follow this same idea of sleek extravagance, but not be bridled with excess or unnecessary elements. You’ll notice a balance throughout the interior design when you use pieces that include this idea.

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Decorative Accents

Your interior decoration can vary depending on things like color scheme. While our interior design service professionals usually opt for bright and open colors, or dark and moody, there can be slight variations between these two ideas that will still give you a luxury interior design. Again, look to the interior design NYC offers for the best of the best in interior design ideas, as these homes are the pinnacle of luxury.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold pieces. This design is not for the meek or modest. Sculptural pieces that include both curves and edges will attract the eye and draw attention, and starburst chandeliers will make a statement with opulence for the best interior design possible. Take interior design ideas from museums and look to incorporate decorative pieces that step outside traditional shapes.

The space should appear decadent but relaxing, so it’s important to streamline the interior design and minimize all clutter. This will make the space appear more elegant, and provide less distraction from your bold statement pieces. Think about including a few key pieces that are high end investments, as that gives you the freedom to use more inexpensive items throughout the rest of your interior design. While some serve many purposes, it’s okay to include artwork or sculptures that are solely aesthetic. Our designers think there’s nothing wrong with a little self indulgence, especially when your home should feel like a secluded oasis meant for you, so you should choose whatever makes you feel the most grand.