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4 of the World’s Most Desirable Classic Cars

Automotive technology is moving faster than it ever has before, with innovations that once felt like science fiction – such electric motors, GPS and self-driving vehicles – now becoming a reality. But for some, you just can’t beat the feeling of driving a classic, petrol powered motor vehicle. Join us as we take a look at 4 of our favourite vintage cars…

1. Ford Mustang

Although you can buy a brand new sixth-generation Ford Mustang today, it’s the original 1964 design that started it all and spawned a thousand imitators, kicking off the ‘pony car’craze in the United States. Ford came up with a car that would appeal to younger drivers; with a sporty, performance-oriented image featuring dynamic lines, a wide grill and short rear decks. The formula worked – around 22,000 of them were sold on it’s release date alone.

Classic car enthusiasts consider the models released between 1964 and 1972 to be true classics. This includes the various models & configurations released during that time, such as the Shelby Mustang Lineup, Boss Mustangs and the Cobra Jet.

Estimated Value Today – £6,500 – £70,000 depending on model, age and condition.

2. Volkswagen Beetle

A German classic that needs little introduction and is instantly recognisable. After a shaky early life that was punctuated by Word War II, the little Beetle really grew in popularity during the 1950s and soon started to gain traction on either side of the Atlantic. Although it was built for practicality rather than looks, it’s the car’s distinctive shape that makes it such a sought-after vehicle. The original model had a split rear window, which was replaced in the 1952 version and is relatively rare.

Old Beetles had a tiny (even by standards back then) 24 horsepower engine, which became more powerful in each subsequent iteration. The 1970 version had a 57bhp engine.

Estimated Value Today – £1,000 – £40,000 depending on model, age and condition.

3. Mini Cooper

Ask people to name something associated with the UK and they may very well mention this iconic car. The original design was scribbled onto a napkin by Alec Issigonis in 1956. By 1959 it had hit production and went on to become Britain’s best-selling car.

The aim of the car was to offer passengers maximum leg room and luggage space whilst remaining under 10 feet long. The engineers came up with a number of novel solutions in order to achieve this – smaller wheels were used to make the car more compact, customers could buy a picnic basket that fit perfectly under the back seats, and the car was turned sideways on the productions line so that technicians could fit the compact engine (a technique still used in smaller cars today).

Estimated Value Today – £5,000 – £50,000 depending on the model, age and condition.

4. Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is classic Italy. Although a modern version of the car can be found in showrooms today, the classic version has its roots in the early 20th century, when Fiat made aircraft & military equipment as well as cars.

The first Fiat 500, know originally as the Topolino, was under 4 feet tall and weighed half a ton, rivalling the Mini for compactness and making it ideal for navigating Italy’s tight city streets and winding country roads. It also had a very distinctive profile – while most cars of the era had a broad, flat front grill, the Fiat 500 had a low, aerodynamic front end.

Estimated Value Today – 6,500 – £70,000 depending on model, age and condition.

We’ve only mentioned a handful of classic vehicles above. Which would you add to the list?

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