Is a new roof a worthwhile investment?

Wondering whether a new roof is a worthwhile investment? Well, here are a few reasons why a new roof should be high on your list of priorities:

Protect your investment

Buying a home is often the largest investment we’ll make in our lifetime, so it makes sense to protect that investment, and one of the ways you can do that is by ensuring your property’s roof is in tip top condition. A good roof will help keep your home water tight, protecting it from the elements and the uncertainties of our more unpredictable weather patterns.

Help prevent damage

Refraining from repairing or replacing your roof could lead to significant damage to your home, a decrease in the value of your largest asset and hefty repairs bills too. In fact, a leaking roof should be right at the top of your home maintenance schedule as the problems it can cause are so significant. Be sure to contact a reliable company such as Ronald G Graham No.1 Re-Roofing Company Edinburgh.

Potential problems you could face

Yes, at first a leaking roof may merely cause damage to your loft and those items stored within it – but ultimately considerably more damage could be caused. Your interior ceilings, plaster work, paint work, wooden structures and house contents are all at risk when you have a leaky roof.  Moreover, leaks can cause mould and mildew issues, slip hazards, electrical problems and ultimately structural issues, such as rotten beams, joists or collapsing ceilings.

A depreciating asset?

Leave a roof in poor repair and your greatest asset could fast become a depreciating asset – and that’s not what any of us want. So you can see why keeping on top of seasonal maintenance and replacing your roof when required is so important.

Reduce your energy bills

Moreover, it’s been estimated by the Energy Saving Trust that a quarter of a home’s heat is lost through the roof, so it makes sense to ensure your roof is in good condition and that your loft is insulated. A good quality roof will help you to save on your energy costs, and that’s all to the good. Why waste money on your energy bills when you could avoid it? Invest in a robust roof and save on your utility bills.

Protect your insurance cover

Leaving a leaking roof unattended, could also affect your insurance cover. Insurance policies, on the whole, are meant to cover one-off events, such as fire, flooding or theft for example, rather than damage caused by general wear and tear. So by getting behind with your seasonal maintenance and leaving a repair unattended, you could find your insurance cover is invalid.

Your roof repairs

So as you can see, a new roof is a worthwhile investment to protect your investment, to keep your energy costs down and help ensure your insurance is valid. So don’t let your roof repairs slip down your list of priorities, take steps to have them completed. Whether you need a Newcastle roof repair or assistance with your roof anywhere in the North East or North Yorkshire, contact the team at Findley Roofing and Building – your roofing experts.