iphone x

How does the iPhone X compare to the best Android phones?

The iPhone X (which Apple are insisting you pronounce ‘iPhone Ten’) was unveiled this week and will go on sale in November. It’s by far the most powerful iPhone ever made, and it comes with an array features never before seen on an Apple handset – such as wireless charging and the ability to unlock your phone with your face. But when it comes to technical specs, it’s hard to pick out one main feature that by far out-strips the competition.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for example carries a very similar set of specs and a similarly painful price tag. But how does the iPhone X compare to other flagship Android phones? The new iPhone may be impressive, but is it good value for money? Can you get your hands on the same amount of power for less money if you switch to an Android? Take a look at the comparison chart below and decide for yourself!

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smartphone comparison chart

Source: The Verge