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6 Points To Consider When Designing Packaging For Your Products

If you are in the business of cosmetics manufacturing or any other products, a major decision you will need to make will be the packaging of the product. The way the item is packaged can easily make it a hit or flop among the customers. And this is one of the reasons most companies spend a lot in designing the packaging of their products. Below, we will look at six points you need to consider when designing cosmetic packaging.

1. Shape Of The Packaging

You will first need to come up with the shape of the package. Generally, almost all packaging will be primarily based on the basic shapes like rectangles, squares, ovals etc. The shape of the packaging will also depend on which market segment you are targeting. For example, if the product is aimed at women, then curvaceous packaging will be the best option. But if men are your target market, then a packaging with straight edges will be more suitable.

2. Usability

Do not be too caught up on the design aspect of the packaging that you forget about is usability. After all, the primary purpose of packaging is to deliver the product to the end user. And this should be done based on the nature of the product. If you are manufacturing a skin care cream, then a squeeze bottle would be ideal. But if you are manufacturing perfumes, than an aerosol bottle manufactured by Signature Filling Company is a better choice.

3. Texture

You also need to decide on the texture of the packaging. Since you are selling cosmetic products, it goes without saying that the texture should be soft on the hands. For example, suppose you manufacture skin care lotions that promise to make skin smooth. The texture of such a product must feel soft on the hands. Instead, if the customer picks up the package for inspection and it feels rough on their hands, then it will likely create a negative impression in their minds.

4. Color

For cosmetic products, lighter colors usually work better. This is why most famous cosmetic brands tend to color their package white, light pink, and so on. Darker colors like black, blue etc. are best avoided until and unless you are marketing a new beauty product and want to stand out from the competition. However, if the cosmetic product is directed at men, then darker colors won’t be much of an issue.

5. Labels

Make sure that the labels contain all the necessary information regarding the product inside the package. If the packaging has no labels or provides only limited information to the customer, then that is a very bad example of how a product must be packaged. After all, the customer will check the package to know more about the product they are buying. Having no labels, is therefore, a poor marketing choice. It will likely backfire and you will see less sales as a result.

6. Opacity

A trend among cosmetic products packaging is opaque bottles. While this will allow the customer to know the quantity of a product remaining inside the bottle, you need to understand that this may not be the right choice for your specific cosmetic product. So, be sure to do a customer test of the opaque bottle before blindly following the trends.