The Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars

Time might be running out for internal combustion engine vehicles, with a number of countries bringing in legislation to eventually ban them in favour of electric cars.

As manufactures fight to capitalise on this new market, the race is on to make the fastest and most powerful electric car in the world. Tesla are perhaps the best-known EV manufacturer, but several other established and lesser-known brands are throwing their hats into the ring too.

A new infographic from the blogging team at Eversmart Energy, a UK-based electricity supplier, takes a look at the 10 fastest electric cars in the world. The list includes production cars that you can buy right now, all the way up to insane, futuristic concepts cars.

Take a look at the complete list below. Is something missing? Did your favourite not make the top 10? Let us know about it in the comments!

(Click or tap on the image for a better view).

fastest electric cars infographic