5 Braces Care Tips That You Should Know About

Life after getting braces is never the same because a little discomfort is natural, particularly for the first few days. There are certain changes that you will need to make in your eating habits and dental care routine so that you can keep the braces in a perfect shape. Let us share some braces care tips to help you maintain your braces and make them last longer:

Eat Right

First things first, there are some changes that you will need to make in your eating habits, particularly during the first few weeks after the application. Soft foods make the best choice to prevent soreness from getting aggravated. Avoid hard breads, raw vegetables and tough meats for a few days. You can gradually start taking a normal diet as the soreness goes away and you get used to the braces. However, avoid chewy, sticky and hard foods as they can damage them.

Resolve general soreness

It is normal to experience general soreness after getting the braces, at least during the initial phase. Your orthodontist will have special instructions to deal with this, which you should follow carefully. Rinse your mouth with warm salt solution mouthwash a few times a day. Aspirin and other over-the-counter pain killers can be used to resolve severe pain and tenderness. The soreness will gradually go as your mouth and gums get used to the braces but you can continue gargling with salt solution for lasting relief.

Brush carefully

Proper brushing is important to maintain healthy teeth but it becomes all the more important once you start getting an orthodontic treatment. Braces are more likely to entrap pesky food leftovers and plaque in their brackets. For this reason, you will and to master the brushing technique so that you can remove every single food particle trapped in the nooks and corners. A soft-headed toothbrush serves the purpose of accessing the hard-to-reach areas without causing any damage to the braces. Inter-dental cleaning is equally important so that you can maintain the general health of your teeth.

Floss properly

Caring for your braces includes regular flossing too, even though it might be a challenge considering the discomfort of reaching the teeth through the braces. Flossing facilitates the removal of plaque buildup as well as food particles that may be trapped between the teeth and the braces. Using a flossing tape may be a little tricky, so you can try to do it with inter-dental brushes or floss threaders made for braces.

Take regular follow-ups

Experts at FamilyBraces in Calgary lay stress on the importance of regular follow-up visits at the orthodontic clinic to ensure that your braces are in a good condition. You should also keep your dental appointments to maintain the overall health of your teeth. Dental complications while wearing braces can get quite troublesome, so it is best to keep a check on them.

These routine braces care tips can help you maintain the condition of your braces and also avail the best benefits from them. Choosing an expert orthodontist for the braces treatment and aftercare can make all the difference to its success.