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Reasons For The Increase in Kei-Cars Sales in Japan

The year 2017 has shown an incredible increase in the sales of Japanese Kei Cars in the first quarter with a 16.5 percent boost in the month of April. Kei cars is a Japanese category of small vehicles, including passenger cars, microvans, and pickup trucks. They are designed to comply with Japanese government tax and insurance regulations, and in most rural areas are exempted from the requirement to certify that adequate parking is available for the vehicle. The Kei car industry is consistently growing with an increase in demand for small sized vehicle in Japanese domestic market as well as across the globe.

Until few years back, people opted more for bigger cars to show a better standard of living and used these big luxurious cars as a status symbol. The mid-sized sedans and full sized sedans were the prevailing choices of customers with having great value and demand.  There has been also a trend of huge SUV’S and Wagons which are still considered ideal for a joyful and pleasant family-friendly driving experience.

Even though, these appealing SUV’s and sedans are still very popular in the market, there has been a remarkable increase in the purchase of small Kei cars in Japan due to heavy traffic conditions and to control environmental pollution. The introduction of Kei cars has transformed the global automobile industry with the prominent market capture in Japan to produce bestselling small cars for customers all across the globe.

Let’s have a look at the most prominent reasons for the sudden increase in the demand of Kei cars in Japan:

Compact and small sized cars

The Kei cars are gaining popularity as they are light weight, compact and small urban vehicles, occupying less space with ease of drive and road handling for customers. These compact family hatchback cars offer an appealing blend of exterior appearance with a comfortable spacious interior design by keeping a strong focus on increased cargo storage accommodation to have a complete package of outdoor fun and recreation.

Eco friendly and Fuel Efficiency

As people are getting more concerned about greener environment, they are opting for ecofriendly cars. Luckily, Japanese mini cars are available in the market that provide zero carbon emissions and a more positive environment. Another integral reason for opting for Kei cars is the fuel efficiency in small cars with an efficient drive and a lesser burden on the driver’s pocket.

Tax Exemption on Vehicle Import

The most praised reason that encourages buyers to import Kei cars is an exemption on light-motor vehicle tax regulations on less than 1000 CC cars. The taxes include vehicle excise tax, automobile weight tax, automobile liability insurance, and annual road tax. A detailed vehicle safety inspection is required to pay the automobile weight tax after being cleared through the entire process.

Electric Kei Hybrid Vehicles

The Electric Kei Hybrid Cars are state-of-the-art technological innovations motivating buyers to purchase exclusively designed and smartly driven Kei hybrid vehicles which requires rechargeable lithium ion battery for a smooth road drive for customers. The Mitsubishi i-Miev is the only example of the smallest electric vehicle on planet.

Therefore, the Kei cars have the highest percentages of sales this year and is the most reliable and affordable choice for the buyers. Most significant features of Kei cars is their stylish design appeal, fuel economy and advanced safety features.


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