Travelling light – How to see the world with just one backpack

Travelling light doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your creature comforts! Watch this video from the Travel Channel to find out how to squeeze every bit of space from your backpack.

Pick clothing that is easy to care for

Steer clear form garments that have busy patterns or that are made from fabric that wrinkles easily, and pick plain clothes that are resistant to creasing instead.

Choose your clothes wisely

Pack clothing that can be mixed & matched and layered. This makes it easy to dress up or dress down as the occasion requires without having to bring along extra outfits.

Wash as you go

There’s no need to pack an outfit for every day – just wash your clothes on the road! Choose items that are easy to wash and need minimal ironing.

Don’t waste the space inside your shoes

Pack 2-4 comfortable pairs of shoes, and use the space inside to store small items such as socks, jewellery, toiletries or money.

No bulky towels

Towels are a killer when you’re trying to be economical with space. Get yourself a travel towel instead – they’re smaller and they dry more quickly.

Use lightweight storage bags

Every little bit of weight makes a difference – use lightweight versions of things like makeup bags.

Dry toiletries use up less space

A solid bar of soap takes up much less space than a bottle of shower gel. ‘Dry’ items like this also last longer.

Use miniature/travel size versions of things like shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant. Or better yet, just buy what you need as you go!

No big water bottles

Bottled water is another space killer. Get yourself a collapsible water bottle that you can fill up as and when you need it.

Leave your camera at home

Every year smartphone cameras are getting better, so there’s less need to carry a large DSLR camera. A small, clip-on phone lens can help you achieve really professional-looking photos.

No laptops

Laptops are not only bulky, they’re also cumbersome and difficult to use on the go. If you need to stay connected during your trip, bring an iPad/tablet instead.

Compression bags are a great space-saver

Compression bags are fantastic for cramming in clothes, towels and other fabric items. You can buy specially designed bags, or make your own using a plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner.

Use packing cubes

These convenient, rectangular-shaped bags are perfect for making the most of every inch of space in your backpack.

Roll up the rest

Anything else that can’t be squashed or compressed into a bag should be rolled up to maximise space. And remember to leave a little room for souvenirs!