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How the Pros Get a Perfect Car Paint Match

Finding the right colour to match your car’s paint can be surprisingly difficult nowadays. Two different paints that might look the same colour from far away, might look extremely different up close or from another angle. Because of how important it is to find an exact paint match or create a mix of paint that is nearly identical to the paint on your car, auto shop professionals have a number of specialised techniques that they use to make sure that your car is returned to you looking as if it just came fresh out of the factory. There are three major techniques that professionals use, depending on the situation at hand.

Using the Colour Code from the Paint

Because the car paint match process has become so complicated with the thousands upon thousands of colours available, many manufacturers are adding the colour code of the paint used on the car. This means that if you save this colour code and present it to the auto shop professionals, they will be able to find the exact paint colour using a specialised database of all paint colours. This is by far the most efficient method of matching the paint colour of your car. If you are planning to take your car into the shop for a paint job, you should make sure that you have the colour code for the paint, so the professionals can find the exact colour in a matter of minutes. However, if you have lost the colour code to your car or you are unable to discover the exact colour of your car’s paint, you don’t have to worry too much. There are still other ways by which professionals can match the colour of your car’s paint.

Using a Spectrophotometer to Find the Colour

If you find yourself unable to remember the colour code, there is no reason to worry. A spectrophotometer can make the car paint match process much easier for the professionals. A spectrophotometer is a device that is designed to electronically measure colour, meaning that the professionals can use it to find an exact match to the colour of your car’s paint. The way this little device works is through the use of interference filters to deflect wavelengths of light away, until only the “true” colour of the paint remains. From there, the colour of the paint is measured, and the professionals will have a good idea of where to start. After this, the wavelength of the “true” colour is sent to a computer that can calculate the shade and combination of pigments needed to replicate the same colour of paint on your car. This is another easy way by which professionals can match the colour of your car’s paint without any trouble.

Spraying Paint on a Card to Understand Angles

Even though a spectrophotometer can get a very close reading of your car’s paint, it might not be able to do a complete car paint match on its own. In some cases, the same colour of paint can look quite different from different angles. If professionals have a reason to believe that the paint colour provided by the spectrophotometer is not entirely accurate, there is one final method that can be used to get the most accurate paint colour.

After the paint colour has been mixed and put into a special spray painter, the professionals will paint a small card with that paint, rather than your car. Using this, the professionals will angle the card and compare it to your car in the sunlight, which will help them determine just how accurate the paint colour is and whether or not any adjustments need to be made. While spraying a card with paint isn’t quite a method of its own, it is a way to get a more accurate idea of a matching paint colour so that your car can be returned to you looking brand new. If you have any concerns about the best methods for getting your perfect car paint match, contact your local trusted body repairer today.