Best Affordable CCTV Security Systems for the Home

Sadly, in many towns and cities, the rates of crime have increased. Whatever the reasons for this, the result is always the same: fearful people living in their own homes. So, what’s to be done about this situation when we can’t always rely on the police to be there for us? The answer is to enhance home security, and part of this is investing in a CCTV security system.

Why Use CCTV?

You might have the best door and window locks available, but CCTV adds an additional layer of security that can be incredibly useful when it comes to gathering evidence. One of the biggest revolutions in the world of CCTV is the development of digital imaging. Digital imaging sensors have provided a massive boost to this technology and one can expect visuals that are clearer than ever before.

So, why should you invest in a CCTV security system? Consider these benefits:

  • Record thousands of hours of audio and video on SD cards and hard drives
  • Gather clear video that can be used by police to prosecute intruders
  • Add to your existing security systems in a modular way
  • Easily install it yourself using digital CCTV security kits

Are You Thinking About Buying a CCTV System?

Even if you want to invest in a good quality CCTV security system, the problem is that there are now so many on the market that it can be tough to choose one. If you’re not especially tech-savvy, all of the specifications can be confusing. Sadly, this puts people off buying such a system when they could really benefit from having one installed in their home.

Before you go out and buy one though, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Why do I need it? Will it be for indoors or outdoors? Is it just for keeping an eye on my young children? Do I want one to detect and record the activities of potential trespassers and intruders? If you have clear answers to these questions, you can form a buying decision that makes a lot more sense, rather than being dazzled by the choices on offer.

What Is the Best That You Can Buy?

Now that you’ve got a much better idea of why you want a CCTV security system, you can focus on the features and specifications that you need. Here are some other things to think about:

  • Motion sensor: Some CCTV cameras have an inbuilt motion sensor as well. This is great for when you need to be notified remotely about a possible intruder. It may not be so great if you need a camera system for watching your kids indoors though, unless you need to be notified if they go into a room where they’re not allowed.
  • Field of view (FOV): How much do you want to see through the camera lens? The wider the field of view, the more you’ll be able to see.
  • WiFi: Many security systems these days can connect to the web, which means that you can hook it up to your home network. This also means that you can keep an eye on your home through a web portal or smartphone application.

Making the Right Choice

Once you’ve decided that you want a CCTV system in your home, you need to ask yourself some important questions and understand the features on offer and what they do. CCTV systems have come a long way in recent years, and there are lots of choices to suit just about everyone.